Installing multiple instances of WD on your computer

If you need or want to run multiple, independent, instances of Weather Display on your computer follow these simple steps:

Create a new directory/folder for the additional install.

Create a file with notepad or any other text editor, not an html editor, named 2wd.txt (or 3wd.txt etc.) and save it in the new directory you just created. The file must be named with the .txt extension and depending on your editor and settings it may create the file with the correct extension or you may have to specify .txt when saving. (This file must exist before starting the new instance of WD.)

Now download and install Weather Display into your new directory. Be very careful to ensure you install the new WD in the new directory you have created to ensure you do not over write your current version. To avoid confict with the existing install(s), before starting the new WD double check that the 2wd.txt (or 3wd.txt etc.) file exists in the new directory.

To ensure complete independence of the instances, in “Setup, Advanced, Misc Settings, Program” check the box for “Do not shut down other running instances when exiting” and hit “OK”.