Unhandled exception in the application

When changing the PC, wxsimate generates this error when importing the station data. I have checked the weather display logfile and I do not find any incorrect or misaligned data. What I can do?

I have attached a screenshot…Is the screenshot enough?

Are the times and time zones set correctly in all devices and software? I note that the left hand side of the page is referring to 08:09 but the right hand side of the page (station data) thinks it’s looking for 09:00 data.

The other thing to check is the logfiles it uses to import data from. There could be errors in those files.


If everything is apparently correct. Davis console time, weatherdisplay and wxsim. What you indicate, I think is the time of the last execution of wxsimate. Look now for example.


It actually sounds like that to me. Corruption in the monthly log. However, I viewed the file with the editor and it appears to be correct.

I was assuming you were showing the error after just running WxSimate. I know I’ve seen similar errors when I had the wrong times/DST set because it WxSimate was looking for data in log files from a future time which didn’t make sense. Your error may well be for something different though.

You can check the WD logs using checklogs.php as long as you can make the log files available on a website somewhere. Also that date conflict is definitely an issue as they should both be the same hour!


I didn’t know about that powerful utility to check logfiles.

Indeed the monthly log has many errors that I will try to correct. There are too many and it will take a lot of time. However, I am not sure that this causes the error in wxsimate, since I have renamed the logfile and it has been partially regenerated by WD and the error has continued.


This must have happened to me when I released the Davis datalogger from the PC, the curious thing is that the PC was turned off.

In any case, I can’t think of anything other than to correct it, try it later and if it doesn’t work out, wait until next month for the new logfile. I think there is no other possibility. For now I will stop the data import and generate the wxsim forecast without it.

Thank you very much to both

So did you turn it off or did it turn its self off
If WD is creating logfile with errors that means that the data sent to you webpage will be wrong I am assuming that there is a coms issue between the pc and the datalogger

I turned it off. There were no reboots, the final goal was to replace the computer and it is clear that something has failed. It is already working and the logfile does not generate errors, however wxsimate still has the error. I can’t think of anything other than to wait until next month and see if it resolves.

I still think the errors will cause a problem. My checker keeps a record of the errors so I can see them. WXSimate will fail on bad data in a record and maybe on a record if the timestamp goes backwards so to clean up the file you can remove a line with bad data or just copy it from the previous record but not the time though. For duplicate records simply remove them. It will cope OK with gaps. WXSimate will read more than the current month file so it needs manually fixing.


The current month is already fixed. It doesn’t seem like wxsimate reads previous data, right? or if?

Yes it reads more than the current month, if you think about it it has to in order to get a full month of data!


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I have data from 2010, I will review it when I can, because it is quite tedious. Thanks for your tips

It does depend on the program WXSimate will only read maybe up to 2 or 3 months back. However WXSimlite and others can go back maybe 2 years.


I have fixed all the logfiles for 2023 and of course 2024 and the error persists. The truth is that I did not know that weather display was capable of making those errors involving changed characters in the logfiles. There was not a month without failures.

If I have learned one thing, it is that it would be good to review those logfiles often.

Well, I’m going to contact Thomas by email to see what he tells me and then I’ll tell you here.

Thanks again

While I don’t have Weather Display, I’ve helped several WxSim users over the years who have had WD logfile errors preventing a good WxSimate run. One of the most common issues I’ve seen is several lines of data in the logfile being duplicated. While these lines don’t have bad characters, the duplicate lines throw the date sequence off and WxSimate doesn’t like that. From my experience, it’s not just one or two lines together that are duplicates, but often a series of dozens or more lines.

You may have already looked into this, but I thought I’d mention it.

It’s not usually WD Causing these bad characters but Windows closing unexpectedly or even hardware issues when writing log files, perhaps even a sudden power failure. I have seen it but nowhere near the frequency you seem to experience. In my experience it has always been associated with something external to WD.


I have checked the logfile and it appears to be correct. Pass the verification process that my colleague Broadstairs indicated to me.

If you can send me the image of WxSimate showing the date it fails on as
well as the logfile containing at least 2 days before that date and 2
days afterwards, I’d be happy to review those logfiles and see if I
notice anything wrong.