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Can anyone tell me how to get the tides to shwo 1 hour less than they do now for local time??? I have clicked to set one hour less no change

Not sure if this is the problem, but I fixed my tide time by ticking “local” in the attached screenshot.


I have mine set like that also didn’t seem to help…

Not sure if this will help, but since were in the same area, attached a SS of my settings.


That’s exactly how mine is set Mark!! The problem is my tides match the NOAA website BUT the locals here tell me the actual low tides in this area are 1 hour before what the NOAA tides show…and in the tide book you get here locally it even states you need to take 1 hour off the times listed for this location…??? #-o :frowning:

In WD - Control Panel - Solar/Lunar & Coordinates-> Show Tide Times, have you tried offsetting the time? See screenshot.


harwx i have mine set to decrease 1 hour but it did not change anything when I did it the times all stayed the same…?

Your (and Mike’s) times match NOAA http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/noaatidepredictions/NOAATidesFacade.jsp?Stationid=9440597 so I would probably check this out some more before assuming it’s wrong :?

Yes I see that also Niko I just had a few locals tell me they wished someone had a tide chart online that read right for this area go figure…I think I will just leave it alone as you say it is correct with everything I can find!! Thanks for the help!!

Next time you are there close to a low or high tide time take a walk on the beach. It’s hard to imagine it can be a whole hour off.

HAHA I 'm on the beach quite often but I can never tell if the tide is coming in or going out!! :smiley:

Tides can vary widely depending on the topography of the area. I know in my area there can be hours of difference. Look at http://www.localtides.net/#lee_county and check the tide times for different locations. Just an example here is Captiva (Gulf) and Captiva (Sound). These two locations are only a few miles apart but the tides vary by a couple hours.

The tide here on the coast is an hour earlier than in inside the harbour
i.e, it needs to start going out at the harbour entrance first, sort of thing
also the tides are 1m bigger in the harbour than on the coast…thats like a slosh up the side a saucer effect

you can also try adding a switch to the wxtide32.exe and see if the tiimes change.

It took me some trial and error to get it right,

#-hloff *1.00 0.00
#-lloff *1.00 0.00

If I remember correctly this is the syntax for 1 hour time reduction

wxtide32.exe -hloff 1.00 -lloff 1.00 

Brian shouldn’t the 1 hour decrease do this in th settings? I saw no difference?

it should do, via the switches as posted above

Doesn’t chaneg anythig when I use the switch to decrease or increase…

How would I go about trying this?

I use the run command just copy and paste the code I posted into the run box (just check the path is correct I use the default c:\wdisplay folder)

c:\wdisplay\wxtide32.exe -hloff 1.00 -lloff 1.00


Thanks Steve I’ll give it a go this weekend I have WD start the Tides now !