Tempest WeatherFlow Rain not working

Hi all. I’m trying to get rain data to work on WD dashboard. But no success yet . I’m using windows 7 with Weather Display version 10.37s build 150 /cron version 9. I can’t figure out how to make a screenshot of WD/ WeatherFlow settings Thanks

Google says:

Where is the Windows 7 Snipping Tool? You can find the Snipping tool by typing Snipping into the Windows 7 Search Box to get started . Alternatively, you can also find it the old-fashioned way in the Start > All Programs menu. Next, expand the Accessories Folder, and then click Snipping Tool.

Well I got the snip to work for me. Here’s a copy of the CRON:

Thanks for the reply . I got it figured out and made copy of the WD/WeatherFlow settings and a copy of CRON report. I hope that will be enough information so as to get the rain to report data .

FIXED! I got with Brian via [email protected] and he helped me get it going . Brian had to edit the cronweatherflow and updated it to cronweatherflow version 9.2 . In cron he had me put in my Station ID and just below that he created a place to add the device number . Both can be found status in the android the tempest weatherflow app in status . (manage stations, tick your station, then tick on status, there you find the device and station IDs .

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Cronweatherflow 9.2 download:


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Appears he made more changes…I have no idea what goes in the “Web Socket Device ID” block.

Cronweather 9.2:
Your device number goes into the block you are showing .Go to your android Tempest Weather app open it . Then in the upper right corner is the tempest station icon . Tick on it . Then on the lower right is settings . Tick on it . On top you will see Manage / stations .Tick on it . It will open showing your weather station name you put in .tick on it . it will open to a drop down menu beginning with your station name. scroll down until you see Status. Tick on Status . On this list you will see your station ID and your Device ID . Put your Station ID in first block and then your Devive ID in the other block. Then close Weather Display and then restart it . Your rain data should now be reporting. Cheers

While I wasn’t having any issues with reading Tempest rain data I decided to go ahead and update to cronweatherflow9.2 and see how it goes…

Recommend using the “Get Names” to find your device ID’s since your Tempest will have 2 device ID numbers and you don’t want to be using the HUB device ID.

Why do I keep getting errors, in order for rain to work I cannot use UDP, is this correct?

I keep receiving these errors, I even tried reversing the numbers.
and if I click on get names, it displays nothing, and then Cronweatherflow crashes. crashes.
If I use the update buttons Cronweatherflow crashes

errors below
Server disconnected before handshake completion [0xffffffff].
276: Server disconnected before handshake completion [0xffffffff].
Server disconnected before handshake completion [0xffffffff].
276: Server disconnected before handshake completion [0xffffffff].

I’m no techy but it would help to get a image of your cronweatherflow setup so if I can’t help then maybe someone else might help . :wink:

Of course if all else fails , send Brian [email protected] an email. He helped get my rain working . I’ve found that Outlook mail no too good . I just copied and pasted the above address [email protected] and sent it with my gmail account …

I did a brand new install of WD setup station clicked get names it is empty

Cronweatherflow gets the data but does list names when I click on get names, also get a server disconnected error.

cronweatherflow click on update WEBsocket or station ID

This is a new install of WD not registered.
WIndows 10 32 bit 4GB ram.

Update, with UDP on there is no rain. If use exclusively is unchecked appears it gets the rain data. But still get disconnected error

This is a brand new instrall, with nothing configured except station

Get sensor names doesn’t work for me but the UPD is receiving data of all sensors . I find that cronweatherflow not getting sensor names has no effect as to ability of getting/sending sending data to Wdisplay dashboard .

Everything on the bottom image is set correctly and is the same settings (IDs and ticked all works) and as you and said all sensors are being reported and sent . But as for the Cronweatherflow 9.2 , becoming unconnected, I have no Idea as to how to correct that . Maybe someone on this forum has experienced this and found a fix . Sorry, I wish I could help you . I would definitely send an email to Brian .:sunglasses: Brian is very good at fixing / correcting issues with Wdisplay and cronweatherflow . He worked with me for several hours emailing me for info then sending info for me to input until the problem was solved . Look forward to hearing from you that disconnect issue is fixed . Cheers

My current setup with cronweatherflow9.2. Not having any issues here…but still waiting on rain to verify. Hopefully you find this useful.

Does your station data show at Tempest ??

I talked with Weatherflow and everything is good there. I even reset my hub which change my ID with them, kinda bummed about that. New computer / WD fresh install.
It is weird.

I am trying not to bother Brian. I have a VP2 so might just put WF on the back burner.
Most of the readings from it are not that accurate anyways, especially rainfall