Tempest WeatherFlow Rain not working

So is it working now???

Makes me think something else is wrong with your setup if the Tempest is not giving accurate data when compared to your VP2. I agree, rain is near useless with the Tempest, but the other readings should closely match the VP2 if the stations are relatively close to each other and sited correctly.

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Let me correct some things, WF closely matches my VP2 readings.
Except for rain which is usually way off, Windspeed is close, I think WF might be better with no cups to spin into the wind. Also lightening can also at times be weird, usually something in the area might trigger it. All in all WF is good, except for rain and the occasional lightening spur. I did have a snowstorm that filled the wind speed / dir openning it take a day or two to melt, where my VP2 did not have a problem (rarely would this happen)

Your tempest station sounds like it is working within it’s design limitations. I thought the issue was getting WD/cronweatherflow to correctly ingest the readings???

Yes, it was the ingesting issue.
you made a comment Makes me think something else is wrong with your setup if the Tempest is not giving accurate data.

The data works on the weatherflow site. It was WD that was not getting the data right. I have another user that just got a weatherflow, in WD his rain is going crazy, says over 8 inches on WF site has about .65 With my VP2 and using solar from WF that is not working. I had another issue on my domain with an expired cert, so I might of made a change in WD that caused some of my issues. THanks for trying to help Appreciate it

I don’t care for WeatherFlow making “adjustments” to rainfall amounts. Keep that in mind when making comparisons to your data.

Your friend does not have WD setup correctly if the rain data is continuously increasing.

I am trying to figure out what he clicked or did not click that is causing the issue.
I know there are 2 boxes at the bottom of WF setup, for cloud rain and calculated rain. Not sure if those need to be checked. I know he has to uncheck use websocket exclusively or no rain will not work. WIl keep working with him.

Working like a charm so far. Using Windows 10 also seemed to help . I think I had socket issues when using windows 7 .

Sorry don’t want to steal this thread but the new weatherflow tempest is one device, right!
I have the old weatherflow, sky and air, 2 devices.
Is 9.2 version ok for the old weatherflow?
Does 9.2 come with the latests WD 150 version.
I see 2 different windows for cwf 9.2 here in this thread.
Why is that?

I posted my setup earlier in this thread showing both the WD setup and cronweatherflow 9.2 setup. In the WD station setup I do have “Use calculated rain” ticked but not the cloud item. When I had the Sky & Air devices I did put the sensor ID’s for each in the WD setup. But best bet would be to ask Brian how to use 9.2 with those sensors.

As I mentioned earlier, I do have issues with cronweatherflow. The first issue is that after it has been up and running for a few days it will stop reading my data. Looking at cronweatherflow all appears to be running normal. My current startup/re-start procedure for WD & cronweatherflow is to shut everything down and restart/reboot the computer clean before starting WD and cronweatherflow. I don’t know why data stops being recorded in WD as WeatherFlow shows good data (corrected by their cloud algorithm). Could be a problem at either end of the pipe. Recommend a clean start for computer & WD once you have your setting stored.

Got caught up on the discussion. Installed cronweatherflow version 9.2 and my Tempest rainfall issues seem resolved. I’ll know more in a few days…

Windows 10, Tempest WX

Thanks all.

How do you access and view the cronweatherflow setup shown.

When you choose weatherflow as your station type , cronweather should open with croweather icon in Taskbar. Double click on the cronweather icon and it will open so as to put in station and device ID’s…

Taskbar, right-click the icon

Thank you, have found the icon.

Having updated to cronweatherflow9.2 I wanted to mention that I recently recorded rain after WD had been running for a week or two uninterrupted. In the past it would not have recorded the rain even though it showed correctly on WxFlow. WD is still running and more rain is expected so I am anxious to see how it performs. But my initial indications seem to show an improvement with cronweatherflow. Hopefully this new version will reduce/eliminate issues using the Tempest station and recording rainfall.

I’ve had no problems at all with cronweatherflow 9.2 . And with no stoppages so far . It’s recording rain in each rain event without a hitch.

WD has been running for 13 days and today it rained and cronweatherflow9.2 failed to register any rain. Visually cronweatherflow appears to be running normal with no indication of any failure. Wxflow did receive rainfall data from my station for todays rainfall. It appears there is still an issue with cronweatherflow9.2. YMMV of course but that’s what I am seeing here with my setup.

The same goes for me. I went back to: cronweatherflow7.5

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