Temperature bottoms out at 31.6 F

Running version 9.52e on Win2K Pro with Dallas 1-Wire V1 weather station.

Last couple of nights have been below freezing but the reported temp never goes below 31.6 F. Another 1-Wire sensor on a different system located nearby reports a temp of 28.9 F.

Saw this also with version 9.52b but figured it was just a fluke.

Anyone else seeing this?


Those 2 readings are not all that much different. Are you comparing the temp sensor inside the wind instrument to another sensor. If so the sensor inside the wind instrument is nearly useless. It heats up during the day and radiational cooling at night makes it useless as well.

Rupp ~

Yup, played “Santa” and checked it twice. :smiley:

The Temp sensor in the weather station just flatlines at 31.6 F where as the other sensor does a gradual decline to it’s lowest temp and then a gradual raise as the day warms.

You can see what I mean by looking at the weather pages on my web.

If I have time tonight I’ll roll back to 9.47d which if I recall correctly never exhibited a flatline temp.



I am having the same problem. Mine flatlines at -0.2 C which converts to about 31.9. I was thinking that the problem was related to my cabling and length of run.

I had a look at your site and it appears that it comes back during the day when it surpasses the 31.x, flatlines again when it hits that temperature again. That’s exactly what happened to mine a day ago, but today it hasn’t gotten above the flatline temperature yet, so I can’t confirm the action.

There’s a lot of similarity here for it to be our individual setups. I am running 9.51d.

I decided to let it go one more night with the current version but the weather gods let me down and we didn’t get a good freeze last night.

You are right…it seems to recover just fine once the temp gets above 32 F.

Nothing has changed in my weather station setup for months now except newer versions of WD. We’re supposed to have another cold snap in a few days so I’m going to wait for that, then roll back to a version I know didn’t exhibit the problem and see what happens.

Keep me updated if you find anything in your setup.


I hope Brian is able to look into this. My temperature likely won’t get above freezing this week (I am in Canada).

Another thing I noticed…I don’t know whether this is a symptom or not…but the real time graph that loads to the web was showing the temerature gauge in a range that was reasonable, but the master screen showed the temp as flatlined. I don’t know whether this is related or not but thought that I would offer it up with the hope that it might help diagnose.

The fact that we are both having the same problem at the same point is just too much of a coincidence.

Brian, any thoughts?

I too on occasion get a flat lining of my main temp sensor (Just happened)but a quick shut down and restart fixes it. I hadn’t noticed it but your right Steve the real time graph is NOT flat lining. This means the sensor is not in error. The main graph must be having a problem.

ok, just figured out what is goign wrong

its becuase of the new method of stopping the jumps in the temperature (good ah!), but the variable I used could not go below zero
fixing now

thanks for looking after…being winter canada I am sort of stuck in the ice until this is fixed! :lol:

Please note that I did NOT have this problem with all sensors. I had 2 “extra” ones that seemed to be ok (tracked below 0 C and never quit) and one “extra” one that seemed to have a similar problem - where it flatlined sometime through the day.

Brian ~

Thanks for the quick fix, reported temps now appear to be correct with version 9.54 except for one tiny detail. :smiley:

The temp now registers as a negative 28 F versus positive. The 28 degree figure correlates well with my other sensors just in the wrong direction.

Another thing I noticed is when starting up no temperature is reported on the main screen until after about 20 - 30 seconds.

It then first reports the temp as +28 F followed about 30 seconds later with a change to - 28 F. Looking at the real time graph when this happens shows a temp of 7838.8 F in the postive direction.

Now I’m not sure if I should wear a heavy coat when I go out today. :lol:

thanks again…


ps - I left it running like this so you can see the graphs if needed.

a step forward but a step back

whats the url?

the real time graph will be overshooting

i think i know the solution

please change to oC for your units (it wont affect any data)

and let me know how it behaves as it goes below 0oC

Brian ~

I’ll change over to C and let you know what happens.

Sorry forgot to add my url in my last message. Weather is located at:


Thanks again…


I can’t test this until tomorrow…but want to make sure that I have the version of the s/w that includes the fix (since I am driving 100 miles to fix it!). Is it ok now?..thanks

Brian ~

Not sure what happened the first few times I started version 9.54 when it displayed the minus temperature readings, but since I restarted it early this morning it’s been working fine.

The ony thing that “changed” is that I installed the latest MS security update which caused me to have to reboot Win2K Pro, and after that 9.54 has been solid.

Thanks again for the quick fix…


I just downloaded 9.54 and not only did it NOT fix my temp flatlining at 31.6 but my temp and dew point graphs jumped all the way up into my wind graph??? I tried a reboot and nothing changed? See attached image:

Give it enough time and the graph will reset. IOW, the scale is not dynamic. Irksome, but no big deal.


Is a couple of hours enough time? I also rolled back to WD version 9.50 and My main temp sensor is stuck at 31.6 ??? What was the last good version anyone know?

I finally found a good version. 9.49. But the graph is still messed up. Anyway to repair it?

Nope - gotta go off the scale - 12 hrs. The temps are still right, but they are all over the map until that happens.


Its reading the correct temp now but it still is tracking in the wind area and has not drooped down. Why will it drop in 12 hours?