Stalled data for earthquakes

@ ALL 2012_lts users

It seems the data we retrieve for earthquakes is, again, not available.
It used this data-provider

Attached screenshot only shows dates from June 27, check your website if it also occurs at your site.

I did found another source and adapted the script.
My wife and I am off-the-grid for a short vacation from July 1 - July 8. We only have an iPad with us.
Therefor: If you want to test the attached script, make a backup of the current one as I only had a few hours to find a new source and to adapt the script.


Script removed as it is included in the 2023-07-14 updates.
Also a few messages down a newer test-update is now (2023-07-16 14:00 UTC) is available


Thanks, Wim. Enjoy your break :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Wim, I installed the new script and check it out.

Thanks for al the support you give

I have uploaded the new script.

I do not actually display an earthquake block on my site but there is a link to earthquakes in the Current Conditions block - this link is working perfectly

Again many thanks

Thanks Wim - the update worked for me.

Thanks Wim. Earthquake info as per your update is working again ! The only difference now is that the last earthquake is “the last” time speaking. The version before it was the highest until e new higher within x-hours.

Nothing changed in the scripts which display the data.
Only the retrieval script is now loading the data from another data-provider.
So I have no idea yet about the differences you see.


I think emsc-csem might be back. . . at least, it’s working on my old 1907 version :slightly_smiling_face:

Yet to try it in 2012-lts

LATER EDIT: False alarm, see post #19 below.

well i checked mine just now before putting the updated script on it still had 27th on once the cron ran with the new file it has today on Isle of Man Home Weather Station (WDapi version) (

You are right, it’s not working on 2012-lts.

But it is in 1907. . . :confused:

EDIT: No, it’s not working in 1907 any more - but it was. . . really, truly :astonished:

based on the info i have see on the emsc site the link Wim found is the one emsc want us to use looking at the data queries /FDSN documentation Specs_fdsnevent-WS.pdf (

Right, I’ll stop playing around :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’ll leave 1907 on the old url for a while, until the dust settles.

Υou are the best !!

Just a simple replacement … and everything works like clockwork .

As always !!!

Have a great time.


Hi Win. Thks for quick reply.

take this example.

The query has been made at 18:45 dated 05 July 2023 local time.

Before latest changes, in "Last Earthquake " was indicated Java Indonesia ( yellow line ) 4.6 magnitude.
After changes now “Last earthquake” is Slovenia ( green line ) 1.1 magnitude as show below…

I hope this example better explain what I mean…

Het kleine blok heeft een voorkeur voor aardbevingen dichterbij, kijk in het script voor de exacte afstand voor “dichterbij”. De texts vermeldt dan “regional”

Als er geen aardbeving binnen die afstand is wordt de grootste beving vermeld.
Aan die php-code regels is niets veranderd in de laatste releases.


The small block has a preference for closer earthquakes, look in the script for the exact distance for “closer”. The texts then mentions “regional”

If there is no earthquake within that distance, the largest quake is listed.
Those PHP code lines have not changed in the latest releases.


There has been multiple changes with the data-source for earthquakes in the past years. This test-version MITM script again uses another source.

I did not change anything in the display blocks yet. The current link EMSC is not the data-source for this version and needs to be adapted.

Need to check the 1907 version what URL is used to load the data and f it can be used.


Sorry, Wim: I forgot that I had modified w34_load_files.php to point at PWS_quakes_load.php in 2012-lts. . . so of course it is working using SeismicPortal.

And of course it didn’t work when I tried changing 2012 PWS_quakes_load.php back to emsc.

My memory cells not working. . . :confused:

LATER EDIT: load_files trick works for earthquakes in 1901 version, too :slightly_smiling_face:

The link to each event in the earthquake popup used to take you to EMSC, where you could click on a helpful map for the event. The links now take you to SeismicPortal, where it looks as though there ought to be a map (it has +/- top left) but there is not.

Sorry, I did not (yet) find any source which has the data and an explanation to link to.

The seismicportal page ( Copyright © 2013 EMSC) has two javascript errors so the map is not displayed in the top part.
For now I am stuck with this 50% solution.

If you know of a better source for earth quake data, please post here.


It is not your fault, I am grateful to have the events listed at all :slightly_smiling_face:

And thank you for confirming that there should be a map :smile: