Running two copies of WD on one computer. Is the 2wd.txt file still the only change I need?

Reason why I am asking is because both installs of weather display are using the same settings. Because if I change the settings on one it changes the settings on the 2nd one also.

and yes in my 2nd install directory I do have a text file with the name 2wd.txt. its a fresh install on the windows 10 OS

It should not. . .

. . . probably because it should be 2wd.txt: Installing multiple instances of WD on your computer

You may have to start over.

If you do it properly the second instance has 2wdisplay.ini (IIRC) and wdisplayftp2 registry entries.

That was a typo in here. My bad! I do have wd2.txt in the directory of the 2nd install of wdisplay. I just did a reset on the computer and will try again. If it does it again I will just email Brian. Thanks for your help anyway.

Never mind the original topic title typo, it should be 2wd.txt in the directory.

Is it?

And, if so, was it in the directory before you installed the second instance?

I believe that was my problem. I did not have the file in the directory before I did the install. Thanks for your help.

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