Piggy Back Weather Display on Weather Link?

I’ve done some searching, but it is hard to find data…

Is it possible to have both Weather Link and Weather Display running at the same time.

Seems it would be nice to have one program obtain the data from the datalogger and have other programs obtain the data from the data files instead of the datalogger itself.

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t exist… but I might as well ask if it is to make sure.

yes, i have added it now
make sure you are using a recent version, e.g 10.17r
and then in the weather station type setup, davis VP tick, listen to the data.

then, you need to make up a serial splitter, and if you have a 2nd com port (i.e a usb to serial com port), then you can get wd to listen to the data on that port

the other way is to have weather link set to start up once a day, download the data, then exit again…and then have wd release the com port at that time for 5 minutes or so


I had planned on purchasing the program even if I didn’t end up using it as I think you are doing a great job developing the software and should be rewarded regarless…

I will try setting this up this morning when I get a chance. Kinda of the best of both worlds…

The computer I will be running this on has two serial ports so it should be easy to setup.

Yes, that is great!
But how I can make that “serial splitter”?
My computer has two serial ports and Davis USB com port adapter too.

Brian, could you make guidelines for this?!


you could purchase one ready made?

to make one, its like a double of wires from the one plug (the plug that plugs into the station), i,.e 1 lot of wire goes to one plug, and another log of wires goes to the other plug of the 2 i guess…

Ok Now I understand. Thanks!
Maybe I do it self. :slight_smile:


Now there is problem!

I test that “listen to data” nothing happens offcourse, but when I uncheck that, WD cant read nothing in datalogger. I install previus version of WD (.17m) but not work. I boot system, not happen anything.
What i can do next?

I’m currently running the new version with the tick set to only listen even though, I’m have not yet setup the Serial spliter etc…

I did notice that when I ran the new version, the baud rate changed and I was not getting any data until I caught that.

Baud rate changed me too. I change it back about three times. Now it’s 19200 and all work again.
Is great so that new features pops like mushrooms in the rain, but… :evil:
Is there somewhere “lite” version of WD what contains only clientraw and extracraw files. :slight_smile:

i see that bug in the code…ticking listen to the data sets the baud rate as 2400 (simply because I copied/pasted some code from the set the 24 000 baud rate
silly me
will fix that for the next version

I got at last that serial splitter. Works well.

Anyhow, there is still one little thing. Weatherlink (ver.5.5) can’t read any data from datalogger, if it connect with serial splitter. Without that splitter it reads ok.
But this is not problem because VirtualWeatherStation read that data without any failure. :slight_smile:

Now I can use same time; Vantage & WD & WDL & VWS! :smiley:

Many thanks for tips!


hmmmm… I’ve still not obtained a splitter. I planned on using WL with WD/WDL

Will have to play with it to figure out why WL would not work with the splitter.

IMHO it may not work with a fully wired splitter. I would use the fully wired connection to the serial port for Weatherlink, and only connect pins 2 and 5 (on a 9 pin) over to the “listening” serial port for WD.

Thanks… I will try it when the cable comes in. Its coming from FL via slow boat from china… should be here by Wed

Here is a link to a schematic to make your own serial port splitter


Scroll down.

That’s a good design, those diodes will keep you out of trouble.

Do the pccables.com serial y-splitter cables work for running the console output to Weather Link and WD at the same time? Or is there a problem with the pin-for-pin splitter and using the datalogger.

Does a cable built with diodes fix the problem and work correctly?

Thinking about running a backup station for redundancy of weather data and wanted to get the final scoop on this project before deciding which path to follow…I recently lost half a months data and would like to ensure it doesn’t happen again…(would have been a full month had I not resumed sending my data to wunderground).

I got the cable quite some time ago from the place listed above, but didn’t at the time have the separate weather machine.

I set that up several weeks ago, but found out only 1 of the 2 serial ports is actually active. Since I am running it headless, I can’t get tot he bios to change it. Apparently it is turned off by the bios.

One of these days I will throw a monitor on the box and fix that, but I can’t do that when the only way I can access it is via Remote Desktop.

So I’ve never been able to “try” it.

Received the pccables dual serial cable today and will attempt to hook it up on my next day off. I plan to have both WD and Weatherlink collecting data from the WMII. Will post my results when I get it working…

Hey gang,

Ok. I have READ SOOO MUCH on this I think i’m going insane.

I just got my VP2. Have NOT set it up yet.

I am considering running both Weatherlink AND Weather-display.

From what I am understanding, I need to split the cable between the data logger and the pc. I believe
my pc has ONLY ONE serial cable. So do I either add another serial port somehow OR find a Y cable
that has both serial AND usb? If so where does one FIND a cable.

Once this is done, then WL is configured as normal but WD is configured to “listen”.

Am I missing anything???

Thanks a BUNCH