No data in Reports since 29th Dec 2021?

I really do not understand why some installations are different from others.
Especially the stalled files in pwsWD/wudata/ and pwsWD/chartswudata/ should not be there

==> Solution ?

You can first test yourself: all 20202 files need to be removed

remove or rename . . .Y.txt . . .YM.txt . . .Y.txtold . . .YM.txt.old
Also if applicable, rename strange old files by adding __ in front of the name

remove 2022/ folder and the metric-2022.arr need to be removed
If applicable, you can remove all files with names of other WU-stations such as ILEUV11. They are a leftover of an invalid install file.

You should then use the pwsWD/PWS_module_test.php script and press bottom button “Load files”
There will be error messages, but only the first time you press the button.

To check what is happening if this fails also
=> I need FTP access ==> sent me a mail with a ftp userid and password (could be a temporary one)
I will rename the “invalid” files and do some more testing.
This could temporarily mess up the graphs when i am testing.

I am off the grid from Januari,5 till Januari 16.
So either today/tomorrow or in two weeks.