Year Rain Data missmatch and 2023 rain missing

Dear all, I´m a little bit lost currently, also not finding a solution or hint by searching…

In my dashboad I´m missing now the 2023 total rain number and not getting any numbers for any date in 2023, but for 2024 it seems to have added so far in January the 2023 total rain data. And in January 2024 so far, not getting any rain day data…



Further I find again the -17,8 °C / 0°F ecowitt upload bug in my Max/Min overview - I believe I got this fixed by Wim his support around 2 Years ago, but found it back again last year…? Any way to get also this fixed?

Your support highly appreciated!

Edit Januray 28th.:

I´m getting closer by following this threat : No data in Reports since 29th Dec 2021? - #11 by pwsdashboard

Deleted several files as advised - 2023 and before seems to be OK again and for 2024 I hope to see the right numbers possible tomorrow…