MIssing Wind readings?

Today the winds are blowing again - I looked over at my 2310 and noticed a 34 mph gust recorded.

I looked back at WD and watched and this peak gust was never recorded - the previous peak gust of 29mph never changed.

Any idea why WD didn’t pick up this value from my 2310? It is picking up the wind and all other readings.

I know it will take a larger gust, as I saw it read a 35mph gust the other day from the 2310 and record it as the peak gust.

My understanding is that the 2310 sends one piece of data at a time and it is possible it was sending a temp or humidity data bit when the gust hit…

I know that between the 2310 missing wind readings especially low wind conditions and some of the data not making it to WD is the reason I added a 1 wire wind instrument to my setup, world of difference in wind readings now…


with the 2310 WD can only request 1 bit of info at a time
it requests the windspeed most often
but it could miss some gusts
i am working on reading the max gust stored and using that as a comarison
I have asked for help from a person who knows about this more than me but I never heard back


Can you provide more info on the 1 wire wind instrument? Cost, where you bought it, was it easy to set up with WD?

I get a lot of wind and I don’t like the 2310 only reading every 8 seconds but I don’t want to invest in a V 2 :slight_smile:

I got mine through a another member of this board who had an old one and more or less donated it to me :slight_smile: However you can buy a new one from Hobby-Boards here:

You would also need a 1-wire adaptor, either serial or USB, I use a USB also available from Hobby-Boards

And some decent wiring, total cost would be about $100.00 USD for the two must have pieces… The wire could be gotten for about $10 - 15 USD…

I wanna invest in a VP, but “The Boss” doesn’t seem to see it the same way as I do :(… I keep trying though LOL


Just wanted to mention the Vortex anemometer as an alternative solution.

Thanks for the links Bob

So you run your 2310 and have a com port set for WD - then you also run a 1-wire into a USB port and WD also reads this com port? Or do you plug the 1 wire wind into your wind port on the outdoor module of the 2310?

I know I’m missing a lot of wind - the other night my neighbor who has a VP2 recorded 60 mph gust while I had 30 mph gust - I’m sure it has a lot to do with the 8 sec reading by the 2310.

I need to go find more spec’s on this unit - like how far can you run the wire and how often it samples. This might be what I’m buying today - my boss is out of town LOL

You install the 1-wire network, which is described in the beginning of this FAQ:

Then you plug the 1-wire sensor into the USB (in my case) 1-wire adaptor and then use the Davis 1-wire setup screen to detect the sensor and allocate it, then you select the appropriate selection under Com port setup for the La Crosse with 1-wire wind sensor…

If MY Boss was out of town i would just order a VP2 myself LOL (Then you could all send your condolences to my Fatherless kids… LOL )


yes, the vortex is a good way to go too…that will give you every 1 second windspeed updates in WD :slight_smile:
(you just need a spare com port ( i think USB to serial will work OK)

This sounds like what I want - every 1 sec :slight_smile: Is assume wind data hitting every sec along with my other 2310 data is not an issue for WD.

it should work OK, if not I can fine tune it…and you can be a tester

Just called these guys up and they gave a sweet deal - the only thing I need to get is a serial to USB convertor and I will be set.

Is my assumption correct that this connects up like a 1 wire that Jax talked about?

So far We have had a wind run of 98.7 miles and my 2310 recorded a 38.7 mph gust - I suspect we have closer to 50ph gust - large branches on trees are dancing hard and I can’t wear a ball cap outside :slight_smile:

Over the weekend I had 149 mile wind run - I think to day will beat that :slight_smile:

For all of the help you have provided - I would be glad to be a tester :slight_smile:


I just noticed with the Vortex, that my wind run is not updating.

I still have my 2310 wind sensor plugged in with the wind speed sensor diabled. Could this cause this problem?

I’m getting updated wind speeds from the Vortex every 1 sec - very cool :slight_smile:

*** edit below***

I also noticed that my max gust last hour was 10.9mph. I had to reboot and when I cam back my max gust was listed at 6.x mph.

Brian - a 2nd problem using the Vortex


Since I added the Vortex for wind speed, my FTP to upload files every 5 min is not working. I have tried the Update Internet now. If I uncheck the Vortex in in the comm port panel and run update internet now, I get a normal FTP and all files update.

When I check the program error file I see the following

ERROR: Invalid floating point operation at time/date 5:25:00 PM 4/21/2006
ERROR: Invalid floating point operation at time/date 5:30:02 PM 4/21/2006
ERROR: Invalid floating point operation at time/date 5:35:00 PM 4/21/2006
ERROR: Invalid floating point operation at time/date 5:40:02 PM 4/21/2006

Below is from my FTP log
list of files uploaded*
actual messages from upload session*
Start Time/date:5:36:04 PM 4/21/2006
Permanent connection selected
Permanent connection, will do ftp now
Finshed email agenda
Finshed email agenda, and more Internet agenda items to do…
Time/date:5:36:06 PM 4/21/2006
Logging onto FTP server…club285.com
Connecting to FTP server.
220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [TLS] ----------
220-You are user number 3 of 50 allowed.
220-Local time is now 16:36. Server port: 21.
220-This server supports FXP transfers
220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
331 User club2852 OK. Password required
230-User club2852 has group access to: club2852
230 OK. Current restricted directory is /
200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
CWD /public_html/blueruck
250 OK. Current directory is /public_html/blueruck
Checking for next FTP agenda…
there are 1 more things to do
Doing ftp upload
Checking there are files to upload
No files to upload
All Agenda complete, doing FTP log off…
FTP logoff
221-Goodbye. You uploaded 0 and downloaded 0 kbytes.
221 Logout.
Doing abort procedure/program close…

I have unchecked my Vortex for now

WD is picking up data from my 2310 for a while, then it just quits - the receive light quits blinking - I have to use the force reset to get it to pick up data again.

I’m testing now how WD & the 2310 interact with the Vortex unchecked.

FYI - I have time to test any fixes for the next 36 hours then I’m gone for 5 days, home for 1 and gone again for 7 days.

FYI - WD has been running perfect since I unchecked the Vortex ( over 12 hrs)

i was out all day yesterday, and am out alot of today (helping with a fun run)
but it sounds like i need to add some check to reset that vortex com port ?
i will do that…hopefully before you go …

FYI - witht he Vortex on, the 2310 has been getting data for the last 3 hours - hell if I know why :slight_smile:

WD is still recording a "ERROR: Invalid floating point operation at " every 5 min when the FTP kicks off.

I didn’t check the wind the run

that last error,you could try running the debug version as see if it comes up with a detailed error report file?
(WeatherD.elf, in c:)?