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Some time back i thought it would be a nice idea if someone started a clearinghouse of pwsWD sites aorund the world. Writing a website for such a venture is well beyond my skills. But here is a little list of sites i have bookmarked. I like not only looking at other people’s weather, but also what they have done with their sites. So, i have asked no one’s permission to include them on this list and invite others to post their links so we can all enjoy your labor.




Personal Weather Station with the weather conditions for FLEURIE, France

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Your site is already on my weather links page…

Nice. Thanks. I like your site, it looks like it works well.


I think I have some old code that can be modified to generate a list of web sites. I’ll do some digging when some of our visitors have departed next week.

You can add us

I have a way to create a map of stations which link to sites. If a few PWS Dashboard users would like to send me their station details, i.e. name, location, URL and lat/long coordinates, I’ll create a demo map so you can look at it to see if you’d like your PWS site adding to it.

I can probably extend this to other system types by using a different marker style/colour for different stations and I think I can also generate a list of stations that can be accessed without having to find a station on the map. It will be easier to experiment once I’ve got a few stations on the map to see how I can make it work best for everyone.

Happy to be a guinea pig. Name: Stanley Rapids. Location: 7 miles south of Blue Ridge, GA. USA. URL: Lat/Long: 34.78941N 84.267840W. My station is an Ambient sensor array with ecowitt extras and a GW1100 to upload to my pwsWD.

Neat and thanks.


Stillwater Weather in Oklahoma

Please add my page, thanks.
Lower Austria, Austria
Longitude: 48.2287N
Latitude: 16.0055E

You can add my weather site
Lat: 51.066073
Long: 1.078021

A quick demo -

This might change, but I added the stations I’ve got coordinates for so that you can see what a map might look like. At the moment PWS Dashboard stations have light blue markers and other web site types are purple. I can adjust these if necessary. I need to work on the station listing next and then investigate whether I can configure it so that people can add their own stations.

Very nice! Bitsostring needs a /pws/ added to his url. Its taking one to an index of his root directory. But, as it populates this is going to be neat.

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I’ve fixed the @bitsostring URL. That was my typo.


I’ve added a list of sites below the map with the sites categorised so you can just see the PWS Dashboard sites, or other types, if you want to. I suspect this might get unwieldy as more stations get added but I can look at other ways to categories sites if that happens, e.g. PWSD sites in EU, US, etc.

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If this takes off you’ll maybe need to produce separate maps for the different sites in their different forum categories?

I have FreshWDL, SS Gauges and Saratoga too. TBH they are all visible from the Menu of pwsWD, but I don’t know how many people look at the Menu. . . Maybe I could put a site counter there, too :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll test it out later but I think a marker can be in multiple categories so I just need to add the categories

Whilst that’s true I’ve just realised it doesn’t allow distant URLs for each software type.

Chris, i really appreciate your taking an interest in this and the time you are spending. Is there a way to make this self-service where people can add themselves without your intervention?



That’s next to look at.

I’m not sure how complex it is though. There are quite a few fields to fill in and if the wrong data is entered it could make the map rather messy. It could be a toss up between me adding all the markers versus me spending time supporting people trying to add a marker and me fixing mistakes!