Lightning Count On Graph Page with WeatherFlow

Brian, The Since Noon and Since Midnight lightning counts on the Lightning Count graph page are not correct. It appears that the Last 12 Hours count is correct as it matches what is shown on the WD main page and also seems to match what is shown on the WeatherFlow history graph.

Last 12 hours and the main WD page shows 12 but the Since Noon and Since Midnight is only showing 6. They should both be showing 12 also.

see if its always half
that will be a clue

OK, we should have storms tomorrow so I should be able to find out. I’ll let you know.

Here is what it was showing at 7am this morning.

is WD running 24/7 ?

Yes it is. Here is the latest screen grab taken at 5pm. Something isn’t adding up here.

Just to note, I am running 2 WDs on this computer at the same time if that makes any difference.

I will do some testing here (by spoofing the lightning counts)

try this new update
and try resetting the totals to start new

Updated, will let you know. Should have more storms tomorrow.

The numbers are looking good now! One thing I notice is that the distance number seems to only to apply to the last strike if it was been within the past minute. Once it is over a minute old the distance resets to 0. Also, I can’t seem to get the strikes to show up on the main screen wind graph even though I have that option ticked.

re strikes re main screen graph, do you mean option for plotting on wind direction graph?

Yes, that is what I mean.

Does the count on the main WD screen reset at noon?

I have tested the plotting on the wind direction graph
it works here after restarting WD
and yes to the count

The lightning strikes on WD are not matching what the Weather Flow app is showing. WeatherFlow is showing 223 strikes, WD is only showing 86 since midnight.

Bih storm rolled through today. The WeatherFlow app shows 782 strikes, WD shows 196.

might depend on starting times for the count?
i.e are they both since midnight?

Yes, the WD count is since midnight (all of WD’s numbers were the same) and the WeatherFlow was the past 3 hours. Storm didn’t start until about 4pm and I posted the numbers around 7pm

Attached is a log file that was written on my Google drive. There is about 30 minutes of data missing in this file as it crossed over two files and it must have missing writing some data. This is showing 570 strikes.

Lightning Strike (1.29 KB)

I realize this is an old topic but I noticed the same issue today after we had storms all day today. I noticed in WeatherDisplay on the Lightning Counts graph it shows the total strikes for today since midnight as 117.

Weatherflow’s page and API data is showing the lightning count for the last 3 hours as 258. So wasn’t sure why WD was so low on the count… if it’s a bug or just a limitation on pulling in WeatherFlow data or something, but though I’d mention it. I figured WD’s total since midnight would be equal to or greater than WF’s last 3 hour number.

I have my weatherflow setup with WD 10.37S96 and using the Cronweather app to pull in data over UDP.