First time user: Post your problems here

In this topic we should try to move the more common problems encountered when installing the PWS_Dashboard

Starting with the January 11 download there is a small test-script which is excuted the first time the fresh download is started.
It will do a few checks, such as “CURL” installed, and if all OK one can click to go to easyweathersetup.
Checks for other problem situations will be added to catch them with this test script

check 1   : $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]: result =  OK, server =
check 2.1 : Your current PHP version is  : 7.3.9
check 2.2 : CURL support: result =  OK
check 3.1 : file_exists: result =  OK
check 3.2 : chdir: result =  OK
check 3.3 : file_put_contents: result =  OK
check 3.4 : chmod: result =  OK
check 3.5 : unlink: result =  OK
check 4   : json support: result = OK
check 5   : load file from test site : result =  OK

No fatal errors,
To continue with installing the PWS_Dashboard, click here to start easyweathersetup
If you have questions post those questions at  this "PWS_Dashboard part of the WW-forum 

If some tests fail one should post in this topic and include the error message.

This test-script also will display a few lines of red text when PHP support is not available in the webserver.

Now I have to find time to write the How_To_Solve texts.


Wim, can we just use the update scripts option or should we download the complete set of files?

Why do I need to know who you are or what version of the PWS_Dashboard you are using?
I need that information with 99% of the posts before I or anyone else can type an answer.

Always include a link to your PWS_Dashboard website.

General answer: For 2012_lts you only download the full “package” the first time.
Never redo the complete download as you wil easily loose your own updates, data a.s.o.

All updates after the first install are downloaded by using the PWS_updates.php script.

I normally post a new complete updated version for new users every month, if there are enough updates in the past month.


Wim, my apologies I’m on the latest edition so I will use the update script. Thanks!!

all praise to the author on a great work!

I installed the PWS Dashboard for the first time and I can’t get to see the data in the Earthquake block.

“earthquake_c_block.php (105): Invalid / no JSON data eqnotification.txt Check settings and data”

Thanks for the nice words.

I assume you are using your own internal webserver?

A “standard” component is missing which is used to get the xml data for the earthquakes.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function [color=red][b]simplexml_load_string[/b][/color]() in /var/www/html/pwsWD/PWS_quakes_load.php:56

xml files are common used and nearly all providers switch the needed functions on as default.

Check PHP: SimpleXML Functions - Manual

Succes, Wim

I assume you are using your own internal webserver?

Yes, I use Raspberry Pi 4 on Raspbian OS

PRETTY_NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)”
NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux”
VERSION=“10 (buster)”

Still searching for fix :slight_smile:

This extension is enabled by default. It may be disabled by using the following option at compile time: --disable-simplexml
This XML module is not provided on a default php (v7) install on Debian GNU/Linux stretch (9.3) Add it with: sudo apt-get install php-xml


Thanks for support, I’ve done it before (sudo apt-get install php7.3-xml) but I had no results.
I just copied eqnotification.txt from your PWS, and now in module test have displayed correctly.

We’ll see if the updates go properly :slight_smile:


I have just uploaded the files to my website I have uploaded via Cpanel to the directory pwsWD

I have the following errors;-

check 1 : $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”]: result = OK, server =
check 2.1 : Your current PHP version is : 7.2.34
check 2.2 : CURL support: result = OK
check 3.1 : file_exists: result = OK
check 3.2 : chdir: result = ERROR 3.2 chdir is not supported, ?open_basedir restriction in effect WARNING
check 3.3 : file_put_contents: result = ERROR 3.3 file_put_contents is not supported, ?open_basedir restriction in effect or ./jsondata/ folder not writable FATAL
check 4 : json support: result = OK
check 5 : load file from test site : result = OK

There are fatal errors:

There are multiple setup errors so you can not use the PWS_Dashboard on this server.
There are files missing
There are folders missing such as jsondata/ ?? => NO DATA will be loaded - unable to open file to save data into
Is this your own web-server or are you using a provider?


I am using a Server provider Krystal. I downloaded the files and just uploaded them to the server via Cpanel.

Maybe you only uploaded the main folder without the subfolders?

I can not check anything as it is your hosting contract. And I have no idea who “Krystal” is.

Maybe you could start again:
=> use a decent FTP program to upload all.
=> or use the filemanager in cPanel to unzip the complete downloaded zip?

Do you have any experience with websites, uploading and so on?


Okay I deleted all the files and uploaded them with CuteFTP, better result this time so carrying on with the setup

Notice: date_default_timezone_set(): Timezone ID ‘Europe/Poole’ is invalid

Check your timezone here: PHP: Europe - Manual


Okay stupid question time, but how do I get back into to change it. ?

There are no stupid questions! Especially if the PWS_Dashboard “bombs”

Normally there is a menu with the “settings” choice.
For now use the direct link:



Many thanks for your very helpful replies, I now have my site up and running at I have moved it to the root so it runs straight away.

I am getting errors when trying to access graphs, i gethis coding showing

That is not coding, those are error messages, they read

PWS_graph_xx.php(25) loaded  =>PWS_graph_xx.php|01|2020-12-20|
PWS_graph_xx.php (29) include_once  =>./PWS_livedata.php
PWS_livedata.php (22) version =>PWS_livedata.php|01|2020-12-31|
PWS_livedata.php (25) include_once =>PWS_settings.php
PWS_settings.php (28) version =>PWS_settings.php|01|2020-12-17|
PWS_settings.php (32) include =>/home/apexstar/
PWS_settings.php (160) $defaultlanguage=en-uk $used_lang =en-uk $locale_wu=en-GB $lang_locale=en-gb $lang_file=languages/lang_en.txt
PWS_settings.php (258) $units_used =uk $windunit=mph $tempunit=C $rainunit=mm $pressureunit=hPa $distanceunit=mi $wu_unit=m
PWS_livedata.php (29) include_once =>PWS_shared.php
PWS_shared.php (21) version =>PWS_shared.php|01|2020-11-02|
PWS_livedata.php (39) $itsday =1
PWS_graph_xx.php (51)  period set to day from request day
PWS_graph_xx.php (58) type set to temp from request temp
PWS_graph_xx.php (145) loading  =>./chartswudata/no keyYMD.txt
PWS_graph_xx.php (172)Line-names contains 

The important one, nearly at the bottom PWS_graph_xx.php (145) loading =>./chartswudata/no keyYMD.txt

You selected to use WeatherUnderground for your graphs-data.
But did not enter the stations-ID for your WeatherUnderground station.


Great all sorted, really like this setup all working now.