Error Messages Continue

Just when I thought my troubles were over, the dreaded messages are back.
Unfortunately, they are back, and I am not sure how to get rid of them.

Latest messages, (Today) are, ERROR: Operation has timed out. lat=39.48&long = -77.67 …"
and try looking for a different source?

Also, " the ECMWF source is apparently not available at the moment.
After the rest of your download request is processed, you can try obtaining READY data manually instead saving it as readydat.txt. "

And finally, " The GFS advection source as apparently not available at the moment.
after the rest of your download is processed, you can try obtaining READY data manually instead… "

To make things even more interesting, my forecast runs are sometimes without these messages and sometimes with these messages! ( the last day or two, a lot ! )

In addition, my EUROMIX screen still showing " Model initialization Times " are still not automatically updating and are now 5 days old on both ECMWF and GFS.

At this point, I am not sure if my forecasts are actually being supported by model input or not.
Sky forecast look pretty good, but temperature wise, forecasted temps have been off about 5, to as much as 7 degrees off, particularly for the forecasted mins.

Any help is certainly appreciated.


I have just checked my data and both GFS and ECMWF have downloaded perfectly all day. To me the errors suggest you have an access issue to the internet as I’m sure the data is available. Perhaps Chris might be able to check for your location. Strange that we are not getting loads of people saying the data is unavailable. Whereabouts are you in the world? Which version of WXSim are you using?


A couple of sample checks have picked up ECMWF data and GFS advection date for today’s 06z run. So if there’s an error it’s intermittent.

I’m away from my laptop at the moment but I’ll look later on to see if I can see anything untoward.

I made a few changed the the file location and all is working fine at the moment.
I do have a problem with it hanging if RAOB is ticked, and then the forecast could be wrong.

If it helps I have the following which works - just tested it.


I can’t see anything obviously wrong, but if it was transient/intermittent then I probably wouldn’t see it in a long screed of logs.

I’m adding some specific monitoring for WxSim. It will verify that the GFS/ECMWF station and advection data are both available (HTTP success response, e.g. 200) and contain some data that appears in all WxSim data files.

The monitor will check each of the four WxSim data pages once per minute and notify me if any one of the four doesn’t respond correctly. This could still miss transient errors, but it’s much better monitoring than currently exists :wink:

This is what the monitoring page looks like…

Edit: Notifications also enabled now. They seem to work because I initially set the notification to check for success of the probe and I got four notifications.

Checked windows Defender and McAfee protection and nothing has been blocked pertaining to the Wxsim program.

Still getting the messages reported earlier about GFS and ECMWF data not available.
EUROMIX screen unchanged from July 4th
Only way to change the " Model initialization times" is to click on the " MIX " button !
Date and times seem to become current, but not sure if data is actually being received into the program.

In a last-ditch effort, I can try to download the latest Rev. of WXSIM, but not sure it will help as I did not see anything from Tom that there was a specific issue with EUROMIX or WXSIMATE.

Suggest you check the dates within
Date should be near the top and look like for example 2024-07-09-18
This may give a clue as to which of the first 2 is not updating
Any errors showing in the wmatelog.txt

The monitoring overnight showed two things:

  1. Every time the monitor probe tested if the WxSim data was available it found that there was data present.
  2. On 3 occasions the monitor probe didn’t run properly for some reason. I need to investigate why. The monitor probe has two kinds of results…firstly “Did I run the way I was supposed to” and secondly “If I ran like I was supposed to was there ‘good’ data present or not”. These three occasions were results from the first question.

So I can’t be absolutely sure that there was WxSim data present on these three occasions, but it would be a big coincidence for the monitor to fail at the same time as the underlying data suddenly went missing, and for the data and monitor to return at the same time. It could be something that happened on a server but I’m fairly sure that the monitor and the WxSim data web site were running on different servers when this happened.

I’m also currently trying an experiment with the WxSim data web site. It was previously just running on one server, but I’ve got the capability and server capacity to run the WxSim service on all three servers. I’ve turned that on and Swarm should route accesses to any server running the service. So roughly speaking the accesses through the day should be evenly spread across all three servers. That should even out the load on the three servers. This is working OK at the moment after a number of trial accesses.


On the gfsadv.txt the date at the top is : 2024-07-10-00
On the ecmwfadv.txt the date at the top is : 2024-07-09-18

On the wdatamixed.txt : No date at the top, just "Percent ECMWF = 50 , Boonsboro
and what looks like to be Lon.& Lat. x 100 , plus time zone ? and Altitude. and a bunch of data listed below for what is Metar and Airport observations .

On the wdata.txt : the same as above wdatamixed.txt screen.
On the wmatelog.txt showing no data or errors, just the following one line: “error messages during Internet download” . No data or messages below this

Hope this helps.

When did Wxsimate last run before you posted the message? If you ran it just before posting then they should both have been 2024-07-10-06.

I’ve not looked at the file formats for a while. If you scroll further down the wdata.txt and wdatamixed.txt files you’ll see the start of the GFS and ECMWF data. The dates should match the dates in gfsadv.txt and ecmwfadv.txt

That’s good, because if WxSimate had problems downloading ECMWF or GFS data then you’d see that in this file. The absence of any further text indicates the last download was successful.

I’ve also just opened the Euromix program. The dates were blank until I pressed ‘Mix’. Then they were replaced by the 2024-07-10-06 dates that I found in gfsadv.txt and ecmwfadv.txt.

Hello Chris !

Thank you very much for checking on your side to see where the disconnect is.
It is certainly appreciated!
I also left an email to Tom who is probably on a well-deserved vacation at this time.

To add to the excitement, I had another “Windows Update” last night, which I had to shut down WXSIM to receive the update.
So, that being said, since I have to now restart WXSIM , I thought that I would download the latest Rev.
As stated in an above post, I hadn’t upgraded to that since it looked like from Tom’s post, that it was mostly to accommodate Cumulus users, of which I am being supplied by Weather link and my Vantage Pro plus station.

I will attempt the upgrade and let you know if anything changes with the WXSIMATE messages and if the EUROMIX screen updates.


You have to update WxSim manually. I’m not aware of anything in the new version which would affect what you’re seeing but it’s worth trying it just in case it fixes things.


I just spoke to McAfee Security, and they helped to unblock WXSIM.
I Downloaded successfully the upgrade and reinstalled WXSIM

Hopefully this will resolve the issues I’ve been having?

Program now showing:

WXSIM Version 2024 Build 1.0
WXSIMATE Version 9.2
WXSIM-Lite Version 2.8
AUTO-LEARN Registered Version 3.9.4
EUROMIX Version 1.3

Will be running some forecasts throughout the afternoon, and let you know how it goes .



So far, EUROMIX screen may not be updating.
It’s showing " Model Initialization Times "
ECMWF 2024-07-09-18
GFS : 2024-07-10-00

It’s getting the dates/times from the files downloaded by WxSimate so if the info isn’t changing you need to start back with WxSimate. Make sure that’s scheduled to download data on a regular basis, in particular about 15-30 minutes before you are running WxSim.

Chris ,

gfsav.txt has currently: 2024-07-10-12
ecmwfadv.txt has currently: 2024-07-10-06

WXSIMATE running at :17 min. after the hour
WXSIM-LITE running: 22 min. after the hour.
WXSIM running at :27 min after the hour.
all 5 mins. apart.

Can you offer a better schedule?


That schedule looks good.

You’ve also confirmed that WxSimate is downloading new data 2024-07-10-12 and 2024-07-10-06 are current for GFS and ECMWF.

Next checks…

  1. In the top right hand corner of WxSimate (File to create) should be c:\wxsim\wdata.txt
  2. Mix GFS/ECMWF is ticked in WxSimate
  3. In EuroMix “Source file” is c:\wxsim\wdata.txt and “Mixed data file to create” is c:\wxsim\wdatamixed.txt

If WxSim is in a different directory or drive then adjust C:\wxsim accordingly.