Error Messages Continue


I checked WXSIMATE screen, and all is exactly what you have written down.
Checked EUROMIX screen and all is what you have written.

Sorry, not sure what youmean by adjusting C:\wxsim accordingly
but WXSIM.exe is located in my C drive and in my WXSIM Folder. pinned path OS (C:)

If that helps.


We have had some issues with path names not being identical in all programs. I believe this might be a possible issue. Make sure the path names are identical in all programs and by this I meam identical in case as well so simplest way is make them all lower case in ALL programs. Just try this and see what happens. I know this should not matter on Windows but it depends also on how WXSIM is coded.



Thanks for the input.
All the path names are in lower case, and all addresses seem to be what they should be.
However, that being said, there is something holding my EUROMIX screen from automatically updating the Model Initialization Times.
According to Chris, there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the data being sent from Chris’s servers.
At this time, we have not been able to determine if the issue is with my WXSIMATE or EUROMIX, and whether the model data is actually being considered in the output of my forecasts.
At this point it appears to be a mystery of a " who done it? , or in this case, what’s doing it!

Eventually, with the help from our supersleuths, we will find out.

Just to be clear…

Immediately after you’ve run WxSimate to download new data, if you go into Euromix and click ‘Mix’ do the run date/times match what’s in the gfsadv.txt and ecmwfadv.txt files?

Maybe post a screenshot of WXSimate after doing a download of the data and then a screenshot of Euromix initially and the again after hitting mix. That way we can all see what you see.



Per your instructions, immediately after WXSIMSATE ran
gfsadv.txt says: 2024-07-10-12
ecmwfadv.txt says; 2024-07-10-12
EUROMIX after clicking “Mix” says:
GFS : 2024-07-10-12
ECMWF: 2024-07-10-12

All date and time matched.

WXSIMATE ran at 6:35 PM EDT New York time.

I would send screen shots but haven’t wrapped my head around how to do that in the Forum, only in email.


So when run manually the run numbers are correct in Euromix. Can you do the same check immediately after a scheduled run. Check the file times in Windows Explorer to make sure WxSimate had downloaded new data.

Adding images into the forum is very easy. You can either click the file upload option (it’s in the row of small icons at the top of the message editor window) or drag and drop the image file into the editor window or you can even paste the image into the message editor window straight from the snipping tool that you use to grab the screenshot.

Hi Chris,

Just did a scheduled run at 7:35 PM and,
gfsadv.txt says 2024-07-10-18
ecmwfadv.txt says 2024-07-10-12
EUROMIX says the same.
In windows explorer the files have the same date and time as the scheduled WXSIMATE download 7:35 PM.

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It looks like things are working at the moment, i.e. no error messages and the Euromix run data is correct. I guess you’ll need to wait until you see errors again and then repeat the checks to see what dates are in the files and show I Euromix.

With an hourly schedule for downloads it’s difficult to see how you can get a long way behind unless you’re getting errors for many downloads in sequence. The GFS and ECMWF data only update every 6 hours, so missing one download when new data became available would put you a bit behind, but only until the next hour…unless you got another error. Some of your run dates seemed to be a long way behind which would suggest long runs of failed hourly downloads.

Hi Chris,

I believe I may not be “out of the woods” quite yet.

My EUROMIX screen is still saying that the GFS is 2024-07-10-18 and the ECMWF .txt is 2024-07-10-12
The gfsadv.txt and the ecmwfadv.txt have both updated to today’s date and the time of my last forecast run.
If I am right, the only way I can refresh (update) those times in the EUROMIX screen is to manually click the “Mix” button. They will not automatically update themselves.
I could wait a couple of hours to be sure.

By the way, thanks for the tip on posting screenshots.

I gave it a try last night by clicking on the “file upload” icon on the top row, and a window showing my screenshots showed.
I then opened a screenshot file and it appeared to the left (outside the editor window), so I wasn’t sure if it would be included in the actual message or not.
I will test it out today to see how it looks.


I really believe we need screenshots of both WXSimate and euromix, we need to actually see what is happening to try and work out why.


Until I press the Mix button I don’t see any run details…both values are blank. When you press Mix it should read the wdata.txt file that was last produced by WxSimate. It should then display the data from the file in the various fields/map and (I assume) that’s also where it gets the run details from. There are other places that it could get the run data from but as that information is in wdata.txt it would seem odd to the get the data from elsewhere.

So as gfsadv.txt and ecmwfadv.txt are both being updated I think you need to check what’s in wdata.txt. Best way is probably to open it in a text edit and then search for some text that’s at the top of the gfsadv.txt and ecmwfadv.txt files. You should then be able to see the GFS and ECMWF runs that are contained in the wdata.txt file. Depending on whether they match or not depends on where to look next.


Hope these come through okay.

This is right after my forecast run at 10:08 AM
Please let me know what else you need.



Upon clicking the EUROMIX “MIX” button the Date/Time updated.

Hope these have come through okay.

The screenshots worked perfectly. It looks like things are back to normal. I’d expect to see the 2024-07-11-06 runs at the time you captured these images. We need to try to find a time when the run date/time seems older than it should be.

One thought came to mind…do you usually see the errors and old run date/times in the morning? Is there anything that happens to your computer/network overnight, e.g. does the PC or your router reboot? If it’s offline for some reason overnight then first thing in the morning you’d probably see old data and perhaps errors from failed overnight runs. Later in the day when everything has been up and running for a while, you wouldn’t see the errors and you’d have up to date data?

All those images are fine and mine look similar apart obviously from location :wink:

Can we see screenshot of WXSimate? Just to complete the view.



No Power/router outages last night,
and no router re-boots as far as I know.

If I understand you correctly.
When it comes to the EUROMIX screen, the Date/Time is always older than it should be due to the fact that it is not updating like the gfsadv.txt and the ecmwfadv.txt are. (unless I click on the “MIX” button)

It seems like the EUROMIX screen is broken somehow, and won’t automatically update with those files


Here is a screenshot of mt WXSIMATE screen after my last forecast at 1:08 PM (WXSIMATE 1:16 PM run.

Was not sure of the UTC Time Stamp. Shouldn’t it be 5 Hours behind UTC? Maybe not.

****Correction **** WXSIMATE runs at 1:08 mins after the forecast hour not, 16 Mins. a
after the hour.

I don’t think these screenshots are showing anything useful because when they were made the data seems to have been correct with no download errors. We need to look at the data just after an error occurs to see what has/hasn’t updated.

One thing is puzzling me though. When I run Euromix there are no run date/times displayed until I click the Mix button. No old date/times, just an empty space. The only thing I can think is that you’re leaving Euromix running on screen all the time? If that’s the case, try shutting it down. WxSimate will run Euromix when needed even if it’s closed. It opens it, runs the mix and then closes it.