Davis Weather Station FAQ's

This thread contains all the FAQ’s associated with Davis Weather Stations and Data Loggers.
There is one FAQ per post and the menu is as follows:

  1. Weatherlink IP Data Logger - Locating IP Address
  2. Download Link for Wlink 5.8 Setting the Data Logger to use USBExpress Mode (no COM)
  3. Davis VP USB Data Logger Causes Lockups
  4. The New Driver for the Davis VP Data Logger
  5. Data Flow Stops / WD Freezes / Crashes - Davis VP Data Logger
  6. No Data from Davis VP at Data History Extraction at Start Up

from a DOS prompt
that will show the router and PC’s IP address

then the Data logger will be allocated the next one by your router (or the next one again if there is another IP device connected (or it could be that the IP logger gets allocated before that other IP device)

note that if you change the router, then you will need to power down the console to get it to reset the DHCP IP address of the data logger
then repeat the above

another way:
use your router, i.e direct access via a browser, (e.g or similar)
then use the the client list in the router
there you should see the IP address of the IP data logger, beside the DID number (thats on the side of the data logger plug to LAN cable)
then enter that IP address into WD, in the com port setup, Davis IP setup
(after first selecting a Davis VP/Vue station in the weather station type setup)
and tick enable
then click on ok
then exit, save and exit
and then start up WD again
there is also debug info under view, WS2010/WS2500 data setup

i.e download to where you have weatherlink installed and then run the CP210x USB to Serial converter file

then the new hardware should be found and setup
then set wlink back to serial mode
then check data ok, i.e get it to find the port number auto…etc…(or check with device manager, ports, to find the allocated com port number)
then close and then set WD to use that port
(or you can still run wlink and WD together if you use virtualVP)

At this time only wlink can use USBExpress mode (which was developed to try and stop the USB lock ups (which it has not))

This is a problem that Davis is aware of
Solutions include:

1 get davis to swap it for a serial data logger and then use a good quality usb to serial adaptor

2 download and install the latest davis USB driver update from their web site

3 use a better quality mini USB data cable that has RF chokes on each end


There is a new driver version for Davis Vantage Pro USB-adapter.
Davis use the driver from Silabs

Davis deliver 4.28a
Silabs offer 4.38

version 4.38
New features/Enhancements

Extended suprise removal support added to fix COM port hang.
WHQL Certified for Windows XP and 2000.

Driver: CP210x_VCP_Win2K_XP.exe (= VCP Driver Kit)

Maybe it solve the existing WD / USB problems


Just an update, there is a newly released driver (Late July/early August 2007) that is a winner

From Davis tech support:

This is a problem a few customers have encountered. However, there is a new
driver available from Silicon Laboratories that may resolve this issue (you
can download the updated driver from the link below).

The link to the driver has been removed as it is no longer available - please see below

Here is how Silicon Laboratories describes the update…

CP210x Windows Driver Revision History

version 4.38
New features/Enhancements

Extended suprise removal support added to fix COM port hang.
WHQL Certified for Windows XP and 2000.

After doing some investigation about the driver link from above, I have found that Davis has come out with a new version of WeatherLink where the new driver is included. The new version of WeatherLink is 5.7.0

Here is the link to download the update:

if you have inserted the data logger with power on the console, you will need to reset data logger:
power down the console completly
then remove the data logger and cable to the pc
then wait 1 minute
then put back in, re power up the console, do the done - key pad thing
then check the time and date is ok
then set the data logger to 1 minute loggin either with wlink of WD (i.e click on abort in wd with that data logging window open)
then wait for data to accumulate in wd before retesting