[Solved] Weather Display freezes

Hi Everbody,

As my Asus EEE-PC crashed completely and didn’t want to reboot/restart anymore I bought a second hand Zotac ZBOX nano XS AD11 Plus. I noticed that Windows 7 was already installed on it and installed the latest version of Weather Display (Weather-Display (10.37R-(b79))) on it. Furthermore I’m running a VP2-pro Station with a Vue-console, which is connected to my PC by USB. On my old PC the console was connected on comport 1 on the ZBOX its comport 3.

Installation went smoothly and data was easily flowing to the Zbox within in minutes after installation. Only problem I’m experiencing at the moment is that Weather Display freezes within 24 hours after start and a complete reboot needs to be done. At first I thought i had installed a faulty driver for another program so I performed a window system restore, but the problem still persist.

In the programmerrorlog.txt I couldnt find any error on the 25th of December, only thing that is mentioned in the log is:

ERROR: Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide at time/date 10:43 24/12/13
Above error or program log occured at :10:43 24/12/13

But I don’t thing this has something to do with the fact that WD is freezing.

Anyone has thoughts on this?

Regards, Egon

Make sure you have the most up to date drivers from Silicone Labs for the Davis USB data logger, URL is in the FAQ section of the forum.

The other thing to check is that the power saving facility in Window 7 is turned OFF for the USB ports, otherwise they will be shut down by the OS even if WD is using them.

Thanks. Stupid I didn’t think about that. Just updated the drive to version 6.6.1 (Oct 24, 2013).

Regards, Egon