CQ CQ CQ - Who's out there?

It might be interesting to know which forum users are hams. I’ll start the ball rolling…I’m G6FCI, but currently inactive :frowning:

If you’re licensed, please add a comment to this thread to let us know your callsign.

Note…this board isn’t just limited to licensed hams. If you would like to join in the discussons here, please feel free to do so.


From the Pacific Ocean island of Maui is using ham radio with weather. My call is KH6HHG. Currently active on HF and VHF/UHF. Using APRS for tracking while weather spotting.

CUL es 73,

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

KJ6RGX here. Current project is figuring out how to wire up a Yamaha CM500 headset/boom mic to my HF radio, a Kenwood TS440SAT. I have not done any projects that link my weather station to my radio’s. I do echolink, my node number is 628947. I use IRLP for Skywarn check-ins in Sacramento as I am unable to hit the repeater from my QTH on 2m. I’m fairly new to the hobby but so far my main interest is digital modes, JT65HF and PSK31 are where I spend most of my time. This winter I will be learning morse code. 73 de KJ6RGX

From northwest Kansas, K0JJV. I’m not very active these days except for occasional checkins to the local ham club’s weekly 2-mtr net. Turned the weather spotting over to the younger generation of hams in the area.

:smiley: Guess my sign in says it all!! Enjoy building equipment more than talking!!Currently active on VHF/UHF tower under construction so I can get back on the HF bands,enjoy most of the digital stuff out there!! Echolink node 43619 direct and home brew repeater node is 6613!

Not licensed but use the HF radio frequently for work. How can I find out what freq’s you guys are on to say hello some time.


Hi Chris and all, I used to be G3VTF in the 60’s and worked 160mt’s and HF around Preston and Blackburn and M/M when I was at work, with Ken Heap (Dec) G3NCZ. These days I am VK3GCB although inactive at the moment. Maybe I will try and get this island on the air and give you guy’s some IOTA stuff to work at in due course. :lol: This tower right next door I could put to good use :smiley: but I dunno if the government would appreciate it :lol:
Chris just for info I cannot seem to post in this forum from my Motorola tablet running ice cream sandwich, I dont know if that is a known issue with you ?

Hi guys, here VE2BYW since 1961 !!



VE4CY in Woodlands, Manitoba

I was licensed in 1974 and took some time off from 1990 to 2003 when I moved from a house to an apartment. I bought another house in the country with lots of antenna room and wound up getting back into radio around 2005. I’ve been active ever since… (I even managed to make it out to Dayton this year :slight_smile: )

I was N4SSI but I let my license lapse. Mainly did 2 m and 70 cm, didn’t do much hf

Hello…Ronnie W4RJF…work HF every opportunity I get :smiley:

G6AFA but been inactive for years

WA3YML here from Northeastern Pennsylvania USA. Licensed since 1969, but not very active in recent years. Just a little 2 mtrs work. Used to be active with DX and satellite operations, but not in a lot of years, but I do keep the license renewed. I though I would be me active in retirement but that hasn’t happened.




W7JKG here. Mostly 2m/70cm on the county and Skywarn emergency nets. Have had a few chats with Stan in HI on EchoLink.


here SV2ESB active on HF and VHF/UHF, APRS and echolink.

73 Panos

WX4BCW here. Same as some of the others - mainly 2m/70cm
Skywarn emergency nets.
Involved with EasyPal and FLDigi

Barrow County Skywarn Coordinator
TriCounty Amateur Radio Club Skywarn Coordinator


Hi Chris and fellow Hams,
Here is VE3GSI and I’m QRV in Read Ontario Canada. Licensed back in '67 and been active on HF/VHF most of those years except when work got in the way of my radio activities, now retired. Mostly a contester, CW and RTTY modes only, but have been laying low since we moved to the country side. Three towers laying on the ground and possibly will get at least one of them back up this year, in the meantime wire antennas on 80 through 15 meters. Enjoy rag chewing on CW and when I get the chance, some mobile CW from the car. It is an exciting time being a Ham these days with the perfect marriage between the rigs, computer and Internet. Goes without saying, I enjoy being a weather watcher.
73, will QSL via bureau.

Hello All,
N3OUC here and first licenced in the mid 70’s as WA3HHU. Spent a decade on 160mtrs ragchewing on 1850 but lately have not been very active. I keep wishing to change that but work and kids in college have kind of put the kabosh on that. My brother lives in Australia so we do a lot of Echolink with him and sometimes we can hook up on 20.

Take Care,
DE Mike

Hello all.
Here is SM6KIW, Bo from Sweden.
QRV on hf, only with a dipole a few meters above the ground. My wife have a opinion about my antennas…
Two weeks ago she was on vacation in Finland an when she returned home there was a 3 el yagi for 6 meters on the roof :smiley:

In the good old days a had a tower with 4 x 16 el on 144 and 8 x 21 el on 432 and 1k out… now I just built a QRP MKARS80 transceiver for 80 meters.

73 de Bo

Name is Dave I live in Central Virginia.
I’m active on any band that has DX I need. I got my DXCC all through Logbook of the World.
Sometimes I can be found on 160m ragchewing. I have a small suburban lot but I’ve managed to pack a lot of antennas in it.
It’s been a fun hobby.