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someone by chance has had or owns this kit Nettigo: Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT BME 0.3.3 PRO soldered) - Build your own smog sensor! [Nettigo] and can you give me feedback on this?

I would like to avoid buying the components separately with long waits and banging my head with the programming in case something goes wrong (although the instructions are well done and detailed).

Thanks in advance

I built a luftdaten sensor from this supplier and its been working fine for ages now, on my weather site. Sorry don’t know about the air quality senor, but would be interested to know how it performs once installed.


Thanks for the feedback …
From the Nettigo website that kit is described as follows:

NAM sensor is based on Sensor.Community (Luftadten) project. Thus Your sensor automatically will send data to Sensor.Community sensor network. It has better case and it is soldered on dedicated PCB. No more data loss due to faulty jumper wire. And, in our opinion most important difference: heating chamber with automatic air conditioning to keep relative humidity below 70%.

By contacting I was replied that they do not provide support for a possible plug & play Kit by Nettigo and recommend to contact Nettigo.

I’m evaluating Gaia A12 and the Kit from Nettigo.
I hope I have more possible information not to make the wrong choice at a high price.

Opps the luftdaten is an air quality sorry, bad day at work !!, so it works quite well

The Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT BME 0.3.3 PRO soldered) removes all soldering-work for a Luftdaten sensor.
It has an extra compared to most kits as it should keep the humidity in an accessible range.

With a Luftdaten-sensor such as this Nettigo you can download your sensor values from the “Luftdaten/Sensor.Community” website or use a weather-program to fetch the data from the device in your wifi network.

So you can use your Luftdaten- measurements in multiple weather-templates such as PWS_Dashboard.

The data from a “Gaia A12” is uploaded to a private network.
I have not yet had any request from a user to adept an AQ-block for a Gaia A12 sensor.
So if you want to use it on PWS_Dashboard you need to find the specs to download your sensor data from their website.
Seems that the API is similar to the “official AQ-station” API

Their website FAQ mentions
3 Can can I access the station data?
→ We provide both API and CSV data download.
8 Can the station be integrated with Home Assistant:
→ Yes, we provide all the needed API for the integration.


welcome back and thanks for making me the comparison between the 2 options, they both seem valid even if Nettigo/Luftdaten-sensor, after thinking about it over and over again, seems to be the correct choice to make, both for the reasons you listed both for the cost and the time it is in the market and in the community.

I ordered a Nettigo sensor a few days ago and I’m waiting for it to be delivered. I looked at it about 6 months ago and was going to order one then but forgot! This thread has reminded me to place the order.

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it often happens to me too, however I’m glad it was useful, I’ll be ordering one soon too.
What version did you buy?

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I bought the Pro. I don’t think my soldering iron is up to working on surface mount components, and my eyes probably aren’t these days either!

Thanks for the feedback

Just for information:

I will add the GAIA A12 anyway. There are stations nearby in Belgium to test with.
The API is the same as the “official station AQI” we now use in the AQ_gov_c_block.php
Only drawback, the data has the US-EPA AQI values.

I discussed this with GAIA support in China and they opened up a private API which delivers the measured PM values.

Only one small problem left, similar to Purpleair.
The GAIA A12 has 3 parallel PM sensors so I have to add a setting / calculation to choose which one to use.
With PurpleAir it is a manual setting as one can not choose which measurment is correct.
With GAIA I can choose for the 2 out of the 3 sensors which measurements are closest.

Another nice thing with GAIA, you can “rent” the device for 50% of the price / year.
They will ship a new one every two years. That way both GAIA and the station owner are more confident that the device measurements remain correct.


I noticed that. I think the Nettigo sensor is available as a relatively cheap module which could be replaced every couple of years. The rest of the electronics should be good for many years.

Agree with that.
Only hope the sensor is easily replaceable. I could then swap the current 3 very "old’ Luftdaten sensors which used “debug wires” and no soldering with more stable devices.
It is always a gamble if the device will operate after replacing the PM sensor.


The Pro version still comes as a kit, just with no soldering. When I get it I’m going to look to see if I can put a connector in the cable between the sensor module and the processor. That would make it easier to replace when the time comes. I did see a photo of the internals of a module after running for a couple of years. It was very dirty but the path to the laser module was unobstructed and the unit was said to still be working OK.

There are other sources for a complete “luftdaten” sensor. F.I.

And the price of Nettigo seems very reasonable.

Other links for more information if you want to add a “Luftdaten” sensor to your weather-station:


I made one of these ages ago and its still running and reporting fine. The only thing i did is I didnt put it in those pipes. Mine is mounted inside a box on the wall of the garage outside and has a whole which the small tube sucks the air in and then reports the reading to the sensor, all working fine.
see website for the readout.

This proposed solution is also interesting!

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US-EPA not a problem for me, I can’t relate to European.

Are calls to this API free?

I recently bought a PurpleAir sensor and then discovered they charge for API access now.

So you buy their product, provide them with free data, and then they charge you to get your own data back?