After Upgrade, WD Not Receiving Data [RESOLVED]

Well I just upgraded to build 68 per my other thread and WD is not receiving any data. :frowning:
I tried installing it a few times and no luck. Also re-installed b56 and no luck. I tried another (un-named) software and it received the data OK. I did an uninstall and reinstall and still no data received after 5 minutes.

The com port and station type is set OK.
Running Win7 64bit

What to do?

Restarting the comp often fixes COM issues :slight_smile:

Tried that 3 times - no luck #-o
Running stationless currently.

what shows under view, WS2010/WS2500 data setup?
does the data recieved light flash?

Had the same problem here with build 68. Had to do a hard reset to the datalogger to get it talking to WD. I tried stepping back in versions but nothing would get it going, so I did the hard reset and that got it going.

one thing that does happen after build 67 is that for first time use, WD searches through your data for the newly added all time records (lowest daily max and highest daily min temperatures)
its possible that caused a problem (no proble here though, and I know others I got to test and it was OK )
any error under view, program event log?

I may have the same issue with my backup computer.
On reboot, no data recived from the Davis VPP, but if i then shut down WD and restart its ok.


Your probably not talking to me, but in my case WD had already done the search for the new all time records when I initially installed the first build 67 a couple days ago. When build 68 would not talk to the Vue I first shutdown, powered off, then rebooted the computer. No help. I then stepped back to build 67, no help. I then did a full install build 56, no help. I removed power from the Vue console and removed the batteries and removed the datalogger for 10 minutes. After resetting datalogger WD was able to comm with the datalogger. My programerrorlog.txt file hasn’t been written to since the 14th of August.

I have tested here with my spare VP console, serial connection
I have not had this problem here myself
(and its strange in that there has been no changes to the VP com routines for some time either)

When was the last change to the routine ?

many versions ago

I went back to Build 46 (on backup computer), and it appears to be work ok, i will let it run for 48 hours ( 2 auto reboots ) and will report


is the problem occuring with the data history on start up?
(I have tested that here too, and that is working OK for me)
i.e if you turn that off, in the data logger setup, does it work OK then (i.e getting live data)

Had one of those days… Thunderstorms and power failures. Anyway to answer your questions. “what shows under view, WS2010/WS2500 data setup?”

Loaded all time records
loading the data file month82011.inf
Connecting com port
Com port connected OK
Time period too short
All data downloaded or did not sync correct!
Formating downloaded data now into actual data
Weather station type number 31
starting get data timer now

But I am using a VP2

“does the data received light flash?”
Yes but it is flashing yellow and 0 data received.

I tried earlier versions back to b42, but with the same result. I will try shutting down the consol as suggested to see what happens.

Still no data being received. The light is flashing yellow / light green (sorry, slightly color blind)

weather station type of 31 is a Davis VP/Vue

do you have the correct revb setting set in the weather station type setup?
if you set to log the raw data, under setup, advanced/misc, is there a file called
where WD is installed
being updated?

“do you have the correct revb setting set in the weather station type setup?”
The “not rev B” was checked. I changed it to the rev B (default) and it is now working :smiley: I don’t know how that got changed before though. :dontknow:

The rawultimeterdata.txt was not checked so there was no data in the file. I checked the box and now it has data in it.

All appears to be working. :thumbright: Thanks.

default is the revb setting
that setting is sticking here OK in build 68

you can untick that log raw data setting now

That is correct in Build 68 i have to turn OFF the logger and then it works great.
In build 46 the logger is ON and it works

the only change made was very small, it just logs the data that arrives during the negotiating
which added a bit of a delay
and this seemed to help, for 1 or 2 people that had problems (there is a long thread about the problem (a restart and it worked, the data extraction))

I do not have a problem with the history data here on both my development and working PC’s

what speed pc do you have (and how much memory)