AAG Barometer (TAI8570)

I’m using WD 10.19o and my TAI8570 Barometer is showing 29.914 and 32 degrees- hasn’t changed since I installed the program. No ROM ids are showing up for the barometer. The aag test program displays correctly.

Any ideas?


the rom id;s dont show in the dallas setup…that is for a bray type baro
make sure you have, i have a aatg baro ticked
then try ticking on reset aag baro

Tried it- no luck.
Any other suggestions?


i have one of these barometers
works OK here
email me your settings file:
i.e wdisplay.ini from c:\windows or C:\winnt

Do you have the 8540 humidity sensor as well?
I’m having a problem getting them both to work at the same time. My 8570 always says 29.834 & 72.0 degrees and makes the 8540 stop working.

one idea is to only pulg in the aag baro after you have started up wd, to get around that conflct maybe?

Yea, tried that. Still causes wierd problems. I’ve sent a email to AAG explaining the problem. Have to see if they bother answering. I also ordered another humidity sensor from someone else, since the AAG is not for outside. I’ll see how it works with a different unit.

what i think happens is that wd picks up the baro sensor rom id’s somehow?
but that should not happen, as if you have set rom id;s for the humidity sensor, then wd will only use those (allocated those)
i need to get a humidity sensor working here…

This is typical of what happens when I plug in the baro.


that looks to be a drop in voltage issue
a ilink adaptor will most likely fix that

Hmmmm…the pinout for the 8570 shows pin 1 to be +5v and pin 2 to be ground. Perhaps I can add power directly to the baro with a old 5v cell phone charger I have. :lol:

the +5v is the data line from the PC
but that is what a hub does, it power the micro lan, instead of the pc doing that
but if you can power components in the aag baro and keep that power circuit separate from the pc
but then there is the problem of opamps, and the supply voltage dropping/changing, that then causes changes in accuracy of the baro

According to the baro data sheet, the pins are as follows:


i would contact the manufactured before you go and put 5 volts into the unit

I have the same problem with my TAI8570. About to trash the thing.
Same 29.194 value. Also seems to work with AAG test program but not with WD.
One thing I have noticed is that the AAG test program will, maybe one out of a 20 measurements, give an error that says “value out of range”.
For me, it seems that the trouble started after adding the rain guage.
I wonder if that little connector with a loop a wire at the end is needed for the baro. I had to remove the connector because the rain guage does not have “in and out” ports.
Let me know if you get a response from AAG.

there was another thread about someone with a aag baro, but they got it going with WD
i have a aag baro and it works with a aag baro

but, i only have the basic 1 wire vers 3 station and the aag baro,
i.e try just that minimum combination
also, i have the aag baro coming out of the 2nd plug on the station…maybe that is a clue…

I’ve been emailing back and forth with AAG too. They also have instructions on the website on how to add external power to the DS9097U, so I might give that a try. Wierd thig is even though I’ve tried this on 3 computers, I went back to the original on and everything seems to be working right now. I do get an occasional erronius reading of 143.9 hpa from the baro, but for the most part it’s agreeing with my other weather stations at the moment. I’ve gotta go to radio shack and get a couple of diods for the external power mod, so I’ll try that and see what happend.

Well, somehow after spending 4 days plugging, unplugging, reseting, changing computers, etc. , everything seems to have decided to start working. I’ve been getting good data from all sensors for 2 days now, and have even been able to shut down and re-boot and have everything come up again.
According to Gerardo Perez at AAG, I can add a 5v power supply to pins 1 & 2 on the baro. I don’t know if I’m going to do that, or do their external power mod to the DS9097U. I suppose I will wait till the outdoor humidity sensor from ibutton gets here, and see if it has any effect on the rest of the sensors data.
If it keeps running this well for another couple of days, I am going to switch to the 1 wire from my wm918 for my web site.

well that good news :slight_smile:
(but maybe the humidity sensor will be the straw that breaks the camels back)