AAG Barometer (TAI8570)

my thoughts, too!
If ther is a problem, I think I’ll try the power to the 8570 first, since that’s just plugging in a rj12 cable. The external power mod to the 9097U is taking the thing apart and soldering a couple of diodes in to prevent voltage from going back into the computer. I’m ok with that kind of electronic work, but easier is better!

maybe that might help

heh, heh. Yea, but I can explain a couple of dollars for diodes and a rj12 connector at Radio Shack to the wife a lot better than anothe $30.00 on top of the money I already spent for 2 humidity sensors, the baro, and rain guage kit… :smiley:

Well, ibuttonlink.com informed me that they shipped the humidity sensor via priority mail today, so it may come Saturday.
The adventure continues…

Meanwhile, I have added a external power supply to the baro. First thing I noticed was when I started WD, it identified everything right away. Most of the time it would come up with a message “no wind direction device” or something along those lines, repeat that 6-8 times, then say it found the device and was allocated. This time it saw everything, and after a couple of minutes went into the aag baro routine.

thats good news
and that solution could well fix the problems on the other threads about the aag barometer
(can you tell them your success jeep?)

I had the very same issues with my 1-wire weather setup (AAG baro, humidity, and temp sensors plus the weather station). The ILink adapter solved the problems for me. I have about 100 feet of CAT5 cable from my weather station/sensors to my PC. The Ilink uses some kind of algorithm to reduce ringing on the 1-wire network as well as deal with ill-shaped waveforms, I think.

see at http://www.ibuttonlink.com/

How did you plug in your adaptor, how is your set up done?
Mine is as follows (and it dosent work):

Computer → Pressure Sensor → HUB → HUB(out) ---- Interior Temprature --< Rain gauge.

Out of the ports:
Humidity Sensor, V3 Weather station (port on the side)

I found that if I plug the baro into another sensor, or another sensor into the baro, that it does not work. So what I did was tap into the cable, and connect the baro. a foot or so further I connected the indoor hum/temp, then the cable goes outside where I again tapped into it for the outdoor hum/temp, then passes through the V3 weather station and goes into the rain gauge.
And since the baro is inside, I used pins 1 & 2 on a 6 conductor cable to supply 5 volts directly to the unit.



My Ilink adapter is connected to about 100 feet of CAT5E cable and I use only the orange/orange-white pair. At the sensor end of the cable, I have connected all the 1-wire sensors directly to the CAT5E cable with Scotchlok UR connectors. I don;t daisy-chain any of my 1-wire sensors together since I had problems with doing so. I have never used a 1-wire hub so I don’t know anything about using them. All I know is that my 1-wire system works with my method. And I don’t use any external power supply for the sensors.