yesterday.wmv not uploading

i am using 10.37Q build 01 on the unit that uploads the videos (win 7)
i noticed yesterday that the yesterday file on my web site was from 25/09/2010 (did a manual upload so now dated 8/11/2010)
i checked my setup and upload yesterday.wmv is ticked
has any one else noticed that there yesterday video is not uploading or is there a new setting i have missed


Same problem here. WD 10.37 P V 44

do you have set to copy the files to a location?

really need to see a screen shot of your all day video setup rather than just saying, me too, Jean-Robert

Hi Brian
this is my setup

i have not altered anything on this for a while so not sure what has happened


the best thing is to .zip and email me your settings files and I will test here
(the wdisplay.ini and the registry settings wdisplayftp.reg)

I reported a similar thing last month, but it was sort of hidden in another thread:

I’ve now stopped the creation of the .wmv files altogether and I’m still getting data stamped dayvideo.wmv files created & uploaded.

Let me know if you want my files as well Brian. :wink:

Exactly the same and at Polmontnorthweather I am afraid too…except I believe ours stopped working on 28th July -possibly after an upgrade but can’t be sure.

Moviemaker settings screen -

d:\polmont\webcam\videos\ directory screenshot as at 10 Nov 2010 (note I manually created yesterday.wmv by copying videolastday on 6th Nov to see if it worked, the file date was July prior to that).

And again…if you want the files, please let me know.

Issues here as well. I just got rid of the videolastday webpage. there is also issues with today’s video not being completed. it usually stops around 10:00am

This is normally caused by a corrupted file, try deleting all the image files in the webcam folder and let WD build them back up again. :wink:

Because I was having an “orphaned” file issue where 1,000s of the jpg files were not being removed, I currently have a scheduled task that completely emptied these folders daily.

Has anyone managed to progress this issue yet? Both our websites are still suffering the same issues with yesterday.wmv, so it would be good to know if there’s a fix…