Yearly report?

For the monthly reports we have files named “October2008.htm”, “November2008.htm”, “December2008.htm” and so on…
I’m looking for a file like those, but not spanning just one month, but an entire year, containing the averages and extremes for an entire year, like average temp for the entire year, the highest and lowest temp of the year, rain total for the year, and so on…

I’m quite sure it’s there somewhere. I just can’t seem to find out how and where :o

Thanks :slight_smile:

Like this one



Yeah. That actually kinda looks like what I’m searching for.

(Any idea on what I’d have to do in order to actually get data in that graph? Mine is kind of empty

View / Avg Extreme NOAA Style Reports / Detailed Climate Report / Select 2008 and click update year to date


Got it. Makes sense.
However… Attempting to update for both 2008 and 2007… No actual data is being written? I just get blank charts.
Any suggestions on why?

You need some one better than me to figure that one out. Are you running the latest build 10.37N Build 02 It may have some thing to do with it. But I’m just guessing.

Also WD will not upload the recreated file for you. You must FTP it to your site.


I am running the very latest version; 10.37N Build 02.
Thanks anyway.

Anyone else maybe any suggestions? :slight_smile:

How far are you from krimen aan den ijssel?


About an hour:


A very good friend lives there.


Same problem with the year-files over here… Whatever I try, recreating a.s.o. nothing helps #-o. The files are empty sheets.

It is worth checking that climatedatayear.htm is in your \webfiles folder on your computer. If not you should copy it from your \wdisplay folder. If it is in the \webfiles folder check it is the same as the file in \wdisplay. It should be a 16kb file.
I have attached a zip copy of my climatedatayear (2.26 KB)

I just checked…
I have climatedatayear.htm in both the \webfiles and the \wdisplay folder, and it’s identical to the one you’ve attached to your post.
So it would seem that’s not it.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Check your wd\datafiles folder and be sure you have files for each month of the years in question, i.e. month122008.inf, month112008.inf, etc. If you do not find those files, then you will need to recreate them.
To do that, go to action, choose "convert log files to graphs (reset graphs). On that screen, select a month log file, i22008lg.txt, and click on convert. Do that for each month of the year. Alternatively, you can check the box beside the line “convert all log files to data files (and checks for all time records)” and then click the convert button.
Once that is done you should be able to recreate the yearly report files.