Yacy - Open Search

I’ve joined the Yacy Open Search as a peer, so you may see some spidering of your web sites as the system sees your URLs in the forum. If you’d like to see Yacy in action you can see it at this URL:


It’s still early days for the network, having only indexed about 1 billion URLs (for the whole network), but as it’s currently indexing around 200,000 pages per minute that’s growing fast (and speeding up as new peers are joining).

I can’t see a way of you requesting your own sites to be indexed if they’ve been missed, but if you can’t see your own site, post your URL in this thread and I’ll set up a manual spider for you. I’ll set the spider to re-index every 7 days (default)…if you’d prefer something different let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Tried to take a look Chris but so far it has sat there for several minutes with FF saying ‘Connecting…’ no timeouts or anything just nothing happening ‘Waiting for ns1.weather-dns.net…’ etc at bottom of screen!


Typical…it’s died and I’m porting my phone number today so have no service and therefore no putty access to restart it :frowning: I’ll get it up and running ASAP tonight.

Murphy’s Law applies…


I’ve restarted Yacy.

However, having looked at the logs I’m not convinced that the problem was down to Yacy. The server seemed to be suffering from a DNS DoS attack starting just before Stuart said Yacy wasn’t available and the domain causing the problem was showing up in the server DNS logs before I installed Yacy.