WYSIWYG HTML Editor in Weather Display

A new feature in the latest Weather Display version 10.28q in an HTML editor which you can create a web page with custom tags.

For this FAQ, we are just going to look at the WD specific operation buttons in the tool bar. The rest of the functions in the editor are fairly common to most editors.

If you have any questions after reading this FAQ, please post them here: http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/12768

#1 - Click this button to bring up the list of custom tags. Once the list is showing, click on the tag you would like to use, then double click on it to have it entered where your cursor position is on your page.

#2 - Click on this button to preview or convert the custom tag to see the actual value of the tag.

#3 - Click this button to revert the custom tag back to its original state.

#4 - Click this button to set the file creation and upload times to your website. Please be sure you have your FTP information correct in the FTP connections and the switch is turned on.

#5 - Click on this button to select the HTML files to be uploaded. When you create a page in the editor, and save it, you need to include that file in this screen to be uploaded.

#6 - Turn the switch to “ON” to enable the file creation and uploads to your website.

#7 - Click this button to upload your selected files to your website now.

Also, if you hover your mouse over any of these buttons, a “tool tip” should appear.

Note: Brian has just informed me with a new feature - you can right click your mouse anywhere in the screen area which will bring up the custom tag list.

This is just a quick summary to get you started with the HTML editor in Weather Display. The rest of the functions should be fairly self explanatory, but if not, please post your questions here: http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/12768

This is a nice new feature that Brian has implemented for us. Please be patient since it is new and might need a little “tweaking”.

To have a image shown that is not in your web files folder, first download that image to your webfiles folder, so you can select it to insert.
then save the page
then edit the .htm file directly, say with notepad.exe, and change the URL to what is required…

Alos, to note, just becuase you have images selected to display, does not mean they are going to get uploaded…you need to have WD set up to upload the needed images (e.g with the customise internet and file creation upload)