WXSIM/WXSIM-lite Issues

Hello all.

Suddenly today my forecasts have been giving me error messages and when investigating the cause, have found some rather odd things.
It started with an error 55 code and then a message about old GFS and FOUS data that would not be used in the forecasts. It also said that Wxsim-lite would need to be activated which it was.

Upon checking Wxsim -lite, I noticed that the Analysis date /time was from 2014 ! and the file name shows: gfsdat0dt=2014-02-10-00.txt. Also, at the bottom of the screen, the ‘Operational status’ mentions “last good gfs.txt does not exist” in red.
I have tried several times to correct the data but, I still get the warnings of old data and the Wxsim-lite issue.
I have run scans and done analyses’, but nothing seems to put everything back on track.

If anyone has encountered this before or has an idea as to why this is occurring, any guidance to resolve would be greatly appreciated.


That file name would imply that the last file the analysis processed was that one. I am surprised your analysis would go back that far and to be honest it might take quite a long time. I run analysis 3 times a week and it runs in the middle of the night so that it finishes before any runs for my 3 daily forecasts. I just checked my morning run and all was OK and analysis ran at 1am today, forecast just after 7 am. It might be that the Lite run for the forecast did not run if analysis overran. Also the FOUS and GFS are collected by WXSimate and so that is likely to have failed to get data, I suspect that is more of an issue than Lite. Try running WXSimate manually and see if you get any errors and check the output file for GFS data being correct for the date. Being in the UK myself I do not use FOUS so I wold not see any errors. If GFS is bad or missing try changing to the other source and re-run the collection. One last thing to check is to make sure Import in WXSim is using the correct file created by WXSimate.


Hi Stuart,

Thank you for your response.

I run “Wxsimate by itself” every night at 2:08 AM and my “analysis only” every night at 2:30 AM. and Auto- Learn at 3:15AM. ( all per Tom Ehrensberger’s suggestion)
My first forecast is just after 4 AM. and normally the analysis and Auto-Learn is finished well before my first forecast of the day. My other forecasts run at 11AM, 5PM and again at 11PM.
I chose these times for continuity and your earlier post " Timings Of GFS/ECMWF data" adjusted to USA EST but wasn’t sure whether your times listed were when Chris receives the data or when WXSIM receives the data.

I ran WXSIMmate manually and from each source, Chris McMahon’s and Sam Bohler’s. Two things I noticed right from the start was that when running the download, the site at the top left of the page changed from the METAR ID: MRB+72401 to just “METAR”. It changed back after the download completed, however as it completed, the " X " at the top right of the page highlighted in RED for about 2 seconds and I am not sure whether the data actually got received into the program. Data file in WXSIM is C:\wxsim\wdatamixed.txt and not sure as to what file to look in on the WXSIM Folder for confirming.

Meanwhile, forecasts are still getting the warnings and WXSIM-lite still indicating analysis time of 2014 and file gfsdat0dt=2014-02-10-00.txt.


Check the gfsadv.txt for the date near the top same for the ecmwfadv.txt file both in the wxsim folder

Both files showing a date of 2023-08-14-12

That suggests that WxSimate is downloading current GFS and ECMWF data.

Is your system clock set to the correct date?

Also as you seem to be using GFS/ECMWF mixing does the output file you’re using to hold the mixed data have a timestamp around the time of your last WxSimate run? And is WxSim set to read input from the correct mixed file name?

I am wondering if wxsimlite has a corrupt setting file as it asked to be activated you could try loading a copy of the settings files you were sent for wxsimlite by Tom

Thank you Chris and hcorrin for trying to help me sort this through…

I am not well computer and wxsim literate as you are but will try my best to answer your questions…

My system clock is set to 8/15/2023 and time is correct to U.S eastern time.
WXSIM data file to import is set to : C:\wxsim\wdatamixed.txt

Not sure how to find the output file it’s using to hold the mixed data to see if there is a timestamp on it of the last WXSIMate run. Would it be on the WXSIMATE Page ?

Not sure that I have a copy of the WXSIM-lite files from Tom. Would they be in my WXSIM Folder ?

I thought your date/time would probably be ok but it’s always worth checking.

That’s the file that the mixer creates. If you look at the file details in file manager does the file timestamp match the date/time you last ran WxSimate?

Hi Chris ,
Yes ! Modified date says 8/15/2023 @ 5:08 AM which was of the last scheduled forecast .

That’s good. It suggests that WxSimate and the mixer are at least creating some data.

I find this reference to error 55. If you’ve not seen/tried it, it would be useful to see if that helps - WXSIM-Lite: Error 55 (File already open) - #5 by SteveFitz1

Chris, that is exactly one of the messages I have been getting!
I will check it out and let you know if it helps. Thanks .


Chris, sorry for the length of this message, but here is what is going on .

I checked out SteveFitz1 post and all the files that he suggested turned out okay with a ‘0’ in the first position and nothing else.
Also, the ecdata.txt file had the following in it, which I assume is okay? So, I think everything looks good?


Still not sure why Wxsim-lite screen reverts back to analysis time of YR 2014 and file gfsdat0dt=2014-02-10-00.txt. (not sure why the date of 2014. Do not see any files in file manager with this date stamp.)

Also, been getting, in addition to the error 55 message:

“The following irregularities or errors were encountered during WXSIM’s last run for Boonsboro.
Some such errors, especially regarding missing or old GFS or READY data, mat be serious enough to invalidate the forecast.
Please investigate the cause. A copy of this log is saved as msglog.txt,in the same folder as WXSIM.”

Below that …
“FOUS data over 24 hours old. READY or GFS data over 24 hours old.
GFS (or possibly METAR or SYNOP surface) data too old. check WXSIM and GFS initialization times.
Data in fdata.txt more than 24 hours old and will not be used in this forecast.
You must run WXSIM-Lite to use this mixing routine.” **(I am, but after a forecast, it gets shut down) **

“Information 2023/8/14 standard hour=1.167 GMT, (rounding up hour) =2023-08-14-07Z, GMT of fdata.txt =2023-08-10-18Z.”

Note : this was the message from yesterday.

I hope this helps somehow explains what is going on…


Hi Chris,
From what we have gathered, does it appear that WXSIMATE is functioning properly, and that the issue is Isolated to WXSIM-Lite ?
If so , I would imagine that I could run the program utilizing WXSIM, WXSIMATE and EUROMIX, temporarily until I can get a new copy of the WXSIM-LITE file, providing that the problem is that the file is corrupted?

Sorry, I’ve not replied sooner…I’ve been busy with a few other things.

My ecdata.txt file has exactly the same in it so that’s not the problem.

I can’t say for sure that WxSimate is working correctly, but it seems to be creating the right files. Without looking at the file contents in detail it’s not possible to be absolutely sure.

I’ve never used WxSim-Lite so I don’t really know how that interacts with the other programs. If it’s possible to run WxSimate, EuroMix and WxSim with WxSim-Lite disabled temporarily then that would at least narrow the problem down if they run without problems. I’m guessing there are options in the programs to disable the generation/use of WxSim-Lite data?

No Worries ! I know you are always on a busy schedule and very appreciative that you are taking the time to help me . Thank you for that.

Normally, if I get in a situation that I can’t fix , I usually go to Tom for help, but I didn’t want to call on him just yet, because he has helped me several times before and I am frankly, a little embarrassed to bother him again when he is trying to get ready for his school year. He is, like yourself, always there to help us.

I will try to run the program without WXSIM-Lite and see what happens. (Will let you know what I find)
If it works, I would imagine it might affect the accuracy of my forecasts. If it doesn’t, I will have to be WXSIM less and wait a while to call on Tom when he has the time to address my issue.

Kind regards,

Chris ,

The Good news is that I am no longer getting the WXSIM-Lite : “Error 55 File already open” message, (because I have closed WXSIM-Lite out of the forecast process.)
The Bad news is that I am still getting that FOUS, GFS and READY being too old message, and it appears that WXSIMATE may not be updating, as I observed no change in readings from a previous run on the right side of the page. The left side ‘Download Progress (updates with each file downloaded)’ bar did activate and is saying ‘Files Appended’ at the very bottom. But according to the messages after each forecast about old data, I think maybe not?

Hmm. Check your firewall/security software to see if WxSimate is being blocked from accessing the internet. Perhaps an update to the security software has changed how things behave?

Chris ,
Checked with my virus protection and it’s saying nothing has been blocked.
momentarily changed setting and tried WXSIMATE. This time the local data updated, but still not the to the “current” readings on my Vantage Pro 2 console. Still looks like a they’re previous readings.

Hi Chris,

No change in the issue, as I am still getting messages about FOUS, GFS and READY data being too old.
I closed WXSIM completely and downloaded the latest update from the WXSIM DOWNLOADS site in hopes that it would have WXSIMATE and WXSIM-Lite pull fresh data for my forecasts moving forward.
While I am now up to date with the latest update, I am still getting the ‘data too old’ messages in WXSIMATE and the ‘ERROR 55 ( File Already Open)’ and that strange 2014 date in WXSIM-Lite which is flat out weird!

Thinking back, I do seem to remember a momentary (1 minute) power outage just before I noticed this problem with the forecasts.
I am wondering if the problem could be that WXSIM was processing a forecast at the exact time of the outage, and that corrupted part of the program? (What’s the chances of that!)
As far as WXSIMATE is concerned, it is now updating the Local Weather station readings after every forecast attempt. but according to the message after the forecasts, it is still saying GFS, FOUS and READY data is too old.
I checked the Virus protection program, and it is not blocking. Internet and WIFI are working fine.

At this point, I am all out of ideas of how to correct the issue. If anyone has any ideas, they are welcome.
I don’t know how often Tom checks the forum, but maybe after he has started his classes, will have time to check in and see the dilemma.
Meanwhile, I will put the program on hiatus until he and I can make contact.