WXSIM upgrade - WXSIM-Lite span(days) setting query

A few days ago I ran the whole WXSIM upgrade package. My set up has run without problem for many many months so I can’t remember what I had set as the number of days for the WXSIM-Lite ‘span(days)’ setting. I’m fairly sure it was 70 days before the upgrade but it is now showing the default of 90 days.

Is it possible that the upgrade resets the setting to 90 days or am I imagining the whole thing and its always been 90 days? If it was 70 then the upgrade seems not to maintain that. Autolearn is set to 70 days if that’s of any relevance to what should be set here.

I don’t think the upgrade would reset it (assuming you using wxsimupg.exe). I guess you could try upgrading again after setting it how you like, and see if it happens again. Either time period is OK, though I’d lean towards 90, but with the check box to “weight recent more” checked in wret.exe.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks Tom - I should have realised the simple solution of downloading again to see what happened and you are quite right - the upgrade did not reset the span(days) setting when I did that.