WXSIM - Too much money

Really? $129 (US) for WXSIM? This is way out of scope for the average hobbyist! Guess I’m giving up the thought of ever enabling this on my site.

but its personally tailored for you i.e hours are spent with you to tailor it to your location
so you are getting more than just the software

Don’t think it’s meant for the average hobbyist, Dan. But lots of people think it does a good job. . .

i spend 1000$ every year on just keeping the compiler I use to create WD on the latest version

We have used WXsim for a few years one of the best things we ever bought when we first started with all this weather thing
Just look how Darksky has gone with WXsim always got your own forecast

I added WXSIM to my site in Jan. 2009. It was the best investment that I made in my entire Weather station/website. Unfortunately, my station hardware failed in Sept. of the same year. Financial problems and time prevented me from replacing them until January of this year. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing Wxsim again, and installing it on my site as soon as I can afford it. The accuracy of the forecasts is phenomenal compared to most local forcasts.

Talk to Tom. Your licence is perpetual as I understand it. If you’ve not moved location since you bought WxSim then he might have a copy of your original config file which you will be able to use with the current version. He has a charge for re-creating the config file for your new location if you’ve moved a significant distance from the original location.

Thanks Chris!
I have not moved at all. However, our weather here is not as cold in the winter as it used to be, and it is a bit warmer in the summer as well compared to 10 years ago. I figured that I will wait until I have at least 6 months of current history. And then pay Tom to do a re-configure for me.
That way, everything will be current and accurate. And, I am sure that his method of doing the original configuration has improved over the last 10 years.

I think it’s much the same process. I think he has a lower charge for a re-config than for a full new config so it might not cost you as much as you’re expecting.