WXSIM forecast saratoga template minor modification

I’m using Saratoga-Weather template to present the WXSIM’s forecast. I did minor modifications so far but now I’m stuck since I’m not familiar with PHP at all.
I’d like to add a date (e.g. 27.12. or Dec.27 or similar) nearby the day’s name (above the icon):

Is this feasible?


I don’t think there is an easy way to do this as Ken’s parser does not allow for it. It will be quite a change as each date will have to be calculated and added.

Maybe Ken will consider adding this in an update.


For that particular script, I do not think it is achievable, as that script looks at Day and Night Data produced by WxSim For Day (06:00 to 18:00) and Night (18:00 to 06:00) The night portion over-lapse (2) two days.
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Tony is correct – the data for actual date (dd-mm-yyyy) does not exist in the plaintext.txt – only the day names in english, so not practical to add the dd.mm to the display via the script. Sorry.

No problem, thanks for your answers :+1: