WXSIM "EWN-Style" wind dir

Hi all
I downloaded the version of WXSIM-EWN from the forum, but I have a problem with the wind icon, it always shows the south direction, I thought it was some file that was interfering with the scripts, so I deleted the website, but it didn’t work. Only in the overview section is the wind direction correct.
you can see the structure of all files in the wxsim folder
example: https://www.meteomincio.it/wxsim/config.php?sce=view
I don’t know where to hit my head anymore.


Hi Paolo,

The overview part is retrieved from plaintext.txt
→ that file is OK

The details and graphs are ghenerated from lastret.txt
That file has different contents-type for w.dir as other files who are processed correctly.
Yours has a textual description E others have the degrees 90
The script use the degrees to turn the wind direction icon to the correct position.

Probably there is a setting for that somewhere in your wxsim setup.

Attached a screenshot of a working lastret.txt and yours.


Thanks Wim, the 'wrong setting was in wret. I unchecked it and started Wxsim, all fine.

For a tick I deleted a site :man_facepalming: