WxSim/ECMWF Forecast accuracy just had major waver

I have always been proud of my Forecast vs Actual, though right now something is way off.
Temp Wise anyway, I like to aim for 2 Degree C (+/-). though right now Dif is up to near 8 DegreeC.?




Note: We do have Fuel Rreduction Burns occurring in the Extended Areas, though I would have thought due to their location would not impact Temps that much.

I was just addressing (solving?) another user’s problem, and it turned out in that case that WXSIM had ingested some obviously out of date RAOB data (seemingly from another season!). As the RAOB data is identified only by the day of the month and time of day, I think WXSIM may have unknowingly “eaten” data from an entirely different month (I’m not sure why that would be there). As a quick precautionary, temporary, possible “fix”, please try UNchecking RAOB data under Import/Import Data. Also, that’s a good time to check and make sure the file you;re imoprting there is wdatamixed.txt, and not the (unmixed) wdata.txt.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi Tom,
Thanks for the info.
With ref to the RAOB issue, not sure if that was the cause in my case or not, but leaving it checked for now as accurracy seems to be getting better again. I feel it may have been Seasonal Change and an out of the norm high heat spell that hit us and currently the mainland. Will bear it in mind though for future.
The only other thing that has been happening regards missing data is the odd Bohler Lite/Data/Adv GFS zulu runs missing, though you and Sam have been emailed each occassion.
Kindest Regards,

Hi Tony,

Thanks, as always, for the feedback! I’m glad the accuracy is improving. I also appreciate the emails about the missing Bohler data. I haven’t talked to Sam in several weeks, as we’ve both been busy, but I plan to soon. Hopefully he can figure out the reason for these glitches.

By the way, one thing I’ve been working a lot on is an upgrade of Clima-Sim. Really trying hard to get that right, as it’s a fascinating and important topic! I don’t recall if you have that or not, but if you ever want it, I’d be glad to give you a free pro registration. You’ve been very helpful and kind, for a long time!



Hi Tom,
Thanks Greatly for the feedback also.
I have always been keen on the 24/7 monitoring of the Data Availability as we are all in different Time Zones and we all have to sleep. So I feel that as we have now automated it, it may help highlight issues over time.
I do recall back in 2014 when we where Beta Testing WXSIM-Lite that I downloaded Clima-Sim and had a little play, though not looked at it again since.
Just looked through all my current and old PC’s and it is not installed on any, so maybe I just downloaded the version available at that time.
I would humbly love a current copy if you are glad to offer one. Though as always, I have paid in the past so would feel better at least making a donation :-).
Kindest Regards,