WXsim changed from C to F

Hi all
strange thing has happened and I cant find out how to change it.
WXSim works fine and has been for a while with no problems until 1 day ago. I have only just noticed it.
the forecast has always been in degrees C but has change to Degrees F for no reason.
This happened on the 14th March. The 10am forecast was in C and the 2pm forecast was in F. I haven’t changed anything in wxsim or any of the others.
I have attached the plaintext to look at.
any ideas??
plaintext_backup_2024-03-14_%d_3.txt (2.4 KB)
plaintext_backup_2024-03-14_%d_4.txt (2.6 KB)

So what units are currently selected in the customise section of wxsimate that is the units to display and the units WD uses for temperature

There is a box on the WXSim main screen showing temperature as well make sure that selects °C and if in use WXSimLite also has settings for data in log files.


In wxsimate all the units are correct and the temp is in C if I change it to C its says that the temp to is 151 c

I don’t understand why its changed as none of the settings have changed in ages. I have just selected c again in wxsim and manually put the temp in. It will be running another forecast at 10am so will see what that says.


Ok its just run the 10am forecast, and after i manually put the temp in and imported the local data, its all gone back to C again.
Strange that but it back to normal again.
Thanks for the help as always Stuart and Harold