WXLocal Extension?

Is it possible to specify the extension to use with the wxlocal file? I would like to be able to have it be php instead of html. Could you have it search for wxlocal.* through wxlocal30.* and not pay attention to the extension? Just leave the extesion as it is.


i could add an option to look for and use a .php file extension instead, and create wx.php and upload that, instead
will that work?

That works for me. I’m not sure if there are any other extensions people are interested in (ASP, SHTML, HTM, come to mind). That was my thinking about whether it was possible to just ignore the extension and use whatever the WXLOCAL?? file uses.

But a checkbox for PHP will fit my desires.


Maybe I’m missing something - wouldn’t exactly be a first - wouldn’t the “Setup FTP…” “Custom Web Page” feature that allows you to take a “regular” wxlocal.html file and upload it with whatever file name you wish, including a .php suffix, accomplish this?

That’s an interesting point I was just looking at. When I originally set up my webpage, I called it something entirely different, actually jakedog.htm.
I was thinking about changing it, but nowhere in setup could I find a reference to that page, but the page is continually updated by WD.
Was this something that was changed from a year ago and I’m running on old settings or am I really just missing something?

Pueblo CO

yes, you could use the general ftp to upload as a new name the files you want…
what I will do is allow you to enter the file extension to use…hows that
any program needs to know the full file name, including the file extension, when using files, you see…

i have added the ability to set the file extension (for both the wxlocal and wx files) in the custom web page setup now
in a new vers 9.80b, ready now