WX Trends showing incorrect date

It just dawned on me that the heading of my http://www.k3jae.com/wxtrends.php page is showing:

“Trends as of 31-Dec-1969 at 00:15”

Well that is about 30 minutes behind current time here and about 39 years in the past. Can someone direct me where to fix the date/time problem for this page?

I have not noticed any other date/time error on the site. in my settings.php all settings related to time/date as follows:

$SITE['tz'] = 'EST5EDT'; $ourTZ = 'America/New_York'; $SITE['timeFormat'] = 'D, d-M-Y g:ia' // Day, 31-Mar-2008 6:35pm Tz (USA Style) $SITE['timeOnlyFormat'] = 'H:i'; // Euro format hh:mm (hh=00..23); $SITE['dateOnlyFormat'] = 'd-M-Y'; // for 31-Mar-2008 or 'j/n/Y' for Euro format

Change your Settings.php to have

$SITE['WDdateMDY'] = true;

then the dates should show correctly.

Best regards,


As always you are dead on. Problem resolved and MUCH appreciated. I must have done that when I was doing other edits as I am sure this was working before… :oops: Thanks a bunch.