WX Report E-mail & Ftpupd Bug

The weather report e-mail program (WD ver 9.34), does not send the file I chose to be attached and sent with the report. I checked the registry, and the key (report attach) with the string value for the file name are there. Should be working :? Also, the new ftpupd (ver 6.69) seems to have fixed the “open port” hang problem for the clock sync, but now it hangs on “open port” for the weather report e-mail :?For now, I have gone back to an older ftpupd. :wink:

i use the atach feature, works ok for me
make sure you dont have a blank line first for the attchment
also, i have not added the attachment to the #2 setup correctly yet, me thinks

i was only told about the clock sync yesterday causing the open port
i will test about the report send
do you use the #2 setup?

Brian, I’ll check on that and get back to you. I’m not using #2 at this time…just#1
Thanks! Kevin H.

Brian, I’ve checked the attachment for missing line etc. and I still can’t get it to work. Older ver 9.12 worked…so wish I knew!

the set up fro attachments has changed, as there is a list box now
maybe re set up
and or export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry