WX-200 / WM-918 Weather Station info WEB pages

If you have an interest in the WX-200 / WM-918 Weather Stations two sources of information are http//www.weatherwatchers.org/bbs/wx-200board/ and

and dont forget

how do i get it not to read 10 degrees higher than what it’s supposed to read? tried the black nail polish- made a stevenson screen- even tried tinfoil, haven’t tried plastic wrap yet- any other suggestions? please?

and com ports- i went to radio shack got a pararrell port adaptor to hook into my serial (9pin) to hook that into the weather staion panel-

anyone who purchased a oregan scientific wm918, do you have any problems with your com ports and setting it up on your pc’s- i’ve had this problem since i purchased it-

the steven screen should help alot…
and mouting away from buildings, and concrete
ie over a grassy area, about 1.5m high (nearly eye level)

com port:
yeah, PC’s and comports can be a real nightmare
have you checked the bios to make sure it is enabled?
and that windows system hasa the com port installed under the hardware section, communications
sometimes booting into safe mode and deleting all the com ports workd best
then re starting windows and letting it find the com port(s) or adding manualy works, but you need to make sure no IRQ conflicts, especialy with a modem or mouse…
its a nightmare with windows 95…98 is better, later windows verison though can setup up, but its a claytons setup, and not actualy setup correct at all
with the wm918, the data arrives without asking, so as long as it says com port ok across the top of WD, the data received light should flash…

thanks brian

you’re the best

i’ll have to check the com port settings- tried that once but wasn’t sure where to look- i have winows 98se at home on my desktop and windows xp on my laptop= the data quality is “green” the data received is “red” everyone once in a while that’ll blink- but not often- i have a lan setting connected- cable connection so it’s on all the time.

another question i’ve always wondered- my desktop isn’t on much due to a new power supply box is needed- i can use it but i have to shut it down- now my station is hooked into to that. the question is: even though the pc is is shut down - will i still get readings from the weather station to the software(WD)? what i’m trying to do is use the laptop while working and until i get the power supply the desktop is rarely on- so i’m trying to work with the clientview software that you have on both my pc’s