wundermap radar down?

Raining cats 'n dogs here but nothing showing for miles on wundermap :? Accuweather shows it…

Your radar images are using radar.wunderground.com and that host is not resolving in DNS currently.

You might consider using images from radblast.wunderground.com instead – those images are current.

Seriously? You’ve had 32" of rain since Jan 1? 8O

No, the traditional “rain year” here is July to June, but in reality that’s the 4 months from October onwards. Jan was 11.6", wettest single month for several years. Another week of rain coming too :slight_smile:

Yup, thanks, understanding radblast’s url structure is on my list for today :slight_smile:

might be related to wunderground moving data centers on the 31 Jan? (and the DNS roll out)

Seems like every day they have a new problem :roll: Radar on wundermap is working OK today at least :slight_smile:

just an n.b. In 2015, the California NWS offices began using the hydrology “Water Year” definition which uses October 1 to September 30 as the period. Previously, the offices had used July 1 to June 30 as the period.

Right, I’ve been ignoring that :oops: July - September rain here is almost always negligible so it’s not a big source of error and I don’t know what WD would do if the setting is changed now :dontknow:

Depends on where you live. For us June thru Sept are our biggest rain months. July thru Sept we had 30". Oct thru today we’ve had 3.5".

Absolutely, that’s why I wrote “here” :slight_smile:

I’m OK now with single radar sites on radblast, but I can’t find an equivalent for this regional map https://www.wunderground.com/data/640x480/radarb1.gif which is no longer updated :frowning:

How about https://icons.wxug.com/data/weather-maps/radar/united-states/reno-nevada-region-current-radar-animation.gif
or non-animated https://icons.wxug.com/data/weather-maps/radar/united-states/reno-nevada-region-current-radar.gif

They’re BIG, but use width= height= in the img link to scale them down to fit :slight_smile:

Mmmm, I like that, thank you :slight_smile:

I have imagemagick on the server so I’ll have a little play…