Wunderground - Load Past Data

Load Past Data is uploading the prior year’s data from that which the user asks. So if they ask for today’s data to be uploaded it actually uploads the data from the same day last year and puts it into today’s entries in Weather Underground.

I asked Load Past Data to upload 12th Aug 2011 and it has loaded the data from 12th Aug 2010 up to WU and put it in 12th Aug 2011.

are you sure you had the year set correctly

the only way it will do what you have had happen is if you had the year set to 2010

Yes, I am very sure I selected 2011. In fact I have repeated the experiment again for the 12th August after deleting all the data from WunderGround. I selected 2011, 8th Month and from 12th to 12th. The program uploaded data from 82010lg.txt not 82011lg.txt. Proof is in the images attached to this post. First image is the selection I made, second is an extract (with only the top of the hour data shown) from 82010lg.txt and third image is the result from the Wunderground web page to prove it was the data from the 82010lg.txt file that was uploaded.

The program seems to have honored the daylight savings and put the data forward one hour but it is very definately the wrong data.


Logfile 82010lg.txt (extract)

Wunderground resultant data. Note the date is Aug 12, 2011 but data is from 2010 log file.

note that the log file is not used
the data file is used
make sure your data file contains this months data
and not last years august data
i.e check your 82011lg.txt file is correct
then convert that to data file, via action, convert WD logfiles to data files

My data file contains this year’s data. I have checked this by checking view/graph history and checking the graphs. Also checked by using view/averages extremes/correct check the data/load the data file to correct the daily rain data and checking the individual records in the list.

It is definitely uploading last year’s data. My current year’s data is correct both in the log files and the data files and yet, when I select 8/2011 it uploads 8/2010 data into WU 8/2011.

I am really sure this is a bug or at least it is not my data at fault.

the code loads the data file set by the month and year number you have set
if you have 2011 as the year, it will load that year data file

Yes, but it didn’t (and I have repeated the experiment three times now). I selected 2011 Aug as the date to upload. The program selected last year’s data and uploaded it to this year’s entry in Wunderground.

This function obviously does not work and you seem to be unwilling to even open that page of the code and have a 5 minute look. I have spent quite a lot of time investigating this issue. I have given you all the information you need - including screen prints as proof of what the program actually does. I know you are always busy but even if you were to say “I will look as soon as I can” rather than brushing me off with two line posts that even I could have written that would be preferable.

Please do not spend any time looking into this issue. I will write my own program to open the correct log file and upload it to the correct date in WunderGround.

Perhaps if you were to stop developing this program - it needs no further functions - and spend some months - even a whole year - sorting out the recurring bugs and more importantly the documentation, you would have a LOT fewer calls for support and thereafter much more time to yourself and your family.


If he had more than just himself he MIGHT be able to do that. He’s already got an ENORMOUS feature set on a program that he essentially started as a hobby, if I recall.

That’s a hell of an attitude to take.

It has nothing to do with you, Sir. The solution to Brian’s problems is in my post. End of subject. I will now be leaving this forum (I assume I can unregister!)

and you seem to be unwilling to even open that page of the code and have a 5 minute look.

I did in fact look at the code, on a weekend day too

its impossible for the code to load any other month or year other than the month and year you have set to load

which is why I suggested you check to make sure that the current month data is not somehow the same as this month last years data
(or maybe even this month last year data is the same as this months data)

not sure why you have thought I did not check the code, which I did, during the weekend, and now have remoed your self from the forum

did an experiment
added code to load up the data file with dummy data
to send that
to see what is happening

turns out that data did not get set

investigate the code more (now that other projects I am working on I have completed more to be able to spend some time looking at this problem)
turns out I was loading the correct data file into memory
but the code to use that data from memory was using a variable from a different part of the program

I have fixed that, build 71.zip update

sorry I did not investigate and test further when you posted this, but I did not have the spare time at the time, as I was working on things in the program (you see, everyone things they are more important than everyone else for their wants and needs)

I took the opportunity to add a start and end hour…usefull for filling in data from a one day for example

rather than remove yourself from the forum, a simple, could you have another look at this Brian please, and see if you can duplicate the error
post, would have been better

Hello Brian,
Thank you for your message. It is my turn to apologise. I am sorry I was short tempered. Acting that way never looks good, especially in public.

Let me make it quite plain that I do not think I am any more important than any of your other customers though. I too write code that people pay for and support it over the 'net so I know exactly what it is like for you. I did however test the program very carefully and was frustrated by your apparent dismissal that there could not be a problem with the program or that I had entered the wrong parameters.

I have just wasted the whole of the afternoon programming the history upload to WU - wasted since you have corrected the bug in WD. It works, but I can delete it I guess - the accounting for Daylight Savings was - ummm… fun(?)!

Thinking about what I just said. Just to clarify. I meant that I wasted my own time due to my impetuosity not that I wasted my time because of you, Brian. Right. End of subject. I hope. :slight_smile:

apparent dismissal that there could not be a problem with the program
I was just going through an elimination proccess

the problem was not there originaly when that function was added…but I had made a change to a variable in another part of the program , which broke the function…that happens…
so first I was just wanting to make sure that you did not happen to have this months data being this months last year data which you were looking at

the fact it was the same was a red herring…it could have been another months data…would depend on what WD had previously loaded into memory for the wrong variable used (e.g from when checking past data under view, averages/extremes, etc)