WU Webcam Uploads - New option for 2nd Webcam in WD

Windy has helped me get my second webcam upload to WU working fine now for three days. WD Vers 37L Build 06 onwards - there is a modified FTPUPD.exe as well to assist with the file upload sequence.

I had been using General FTP to second server to get it there but meant it had to send a redundant current.jpg to my websiite as well and it sometimes piggy-backed and got first priority in a standard sequential html and gif file upload and if WU stalled the receipt of a new pic, then so did the rest of my files and the website did not get updated.

So now it has been running sweetly. WD creates the second webcam pic as WUwebcam2.jpg in the same place as the other WUwebcam.jpg and they go together in the same FTP package but as separate logins.

Thanks Windy - another tweak to WD for probably just a few users. YTM!!


Oh and BTW - Happy Father’s day to Windy and other Kiwi Dads…