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I just installed pwsWD, a test version on my synology (with data provided by weatherlink api2) and another on the ovh server: www.bel1.eu/pwsWD (with data provided by meteohub). Both work and show me the same values.
I wanted to add the wu report and wu history sections, but I have no results in both systems (without error messages). I launched PWS_updates.php, which told me the upgrades made, I wanted to download them
“” PWS_quakes_load.php 01|2021-04-21 update 01|2023-04-19 url error + extra test + validity test
PWS_wuhistory.php 01|2021-05-16 update 01|2023-02-15 beta release 2012_lts
PWS_wureports.php 01|2021-05-16 update 01|2023-02-15 beta release 2012_lts
I wanted to download these updates, but impossible, I have this error message: “” 49 Unknown or invalid update request->192.168.x.X “” for the synology

and for ovh servers: “” 234 No cache, age = 168010 load from server 118Errors retrieving current versions, please come back later “”

Thanks for the help

Please use a descriptive heading for your questions.
Example this topic reads “WU report, history”
But for support for those scripts I need to be at home.
The real question asked is about error messages running PWS_updates.php

There are multiple persons which can answer the “118 Errors retrieving current versions, please come back later” message.

The support “in person” or the “support server” are not available without full internet access.
The 192.168.x.y addresses can not be accessed from outside your home.

That messages 234 tells us the current file is not recent enough, which is the normal situation.

Message 118 tells us that your website-script is not allowed to download the current file-list from both servers: “pwsdashboard.com” and “testing4ever.nl
Those two sites use different providers which service different hosting software and different versions of PHP.

The cause can be a block by your webhosting company
an URL/IP block on my two webhosting sites.

If this error is consistent and as I am not clairvoyant, I need the l URL to your website so I can test and check what is happening.


Thank you for your answer, here is the address of my site


When installing pwsWD/ the first script runs automatically and checks your environment
You should have seen the errors:

check 2.1 : Your current PHP version is  : 5.6.40
            PHP 7+ is advised for this template but it will probably run also with PHP 5.6.3 or higher
            You can check if your current version is supported at php.net -> supported-versions

That is really a very old version. There should be no reason to use that version.

check 5.1 : load file from updates site : result = ERROR  failed, no data or to few data chars
 data retieved:>check 5.2 : load file from backup updates site : result = ERROR failed, invalid data
 data retieved:  

I checked and find no locks on my servers for your server IP or the URL.
If you sent a PM or mail with your easyweather password, I can do more testing.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

To debug errors it is often needed to check the PHP code of a script.
But when checking the source of the installed scripts: https://www.bel1.eu/pwsWD/index.php?sce=view
a “net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200” is all one gets.
Either your webserver blocks that or there is a problem with your old PHP version.

Result: I can not check if there are user modifications which could cause the problems or if there are invalid script-settings or typo’s .

= = = = = = = = = = = =

There is a ?test option
you can use the _test.php?test=scriptname

Again, it would have cost me 10 seconds to find the cause if sce=view has worked.
But using the _test.php script it shows the expected errors:

Warning: include(../wuhistory/WU-History4.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/beltxmvf/www/pwsWD/PWS_wuhistory.php on line 66

Same error for PWS_wureports.php
You have to set the location of the scripts in lines 4-5 of PWS_wureports.php and PWS_wuhistory.php

You installed the scripts inside the pwsWD folder?
Solution = = > remove the # on line 5.

Regards, Wim

the wuHistory and report scripts work, you had to remove the # from line 5.
For the rest (PWS_upgrade.php) I transmitted the information via PM

I can not find a solution for PWS_updates messages on your server (yet).

Attached the changed scripts

2023-02-15.zip (155.3 KB)


Hello folks, is there a guide on how to activate PWS wuhistory.php and PWS reports.php in the dashboard? Or are there problems because of beta status? I can only find information from the 2019 year in the forum.

Thank you very much.

I think the bit you are looking for is “adapt _my_settings/frames.php”

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Hello. I enabled WU history and report under my setting file, but I get the following up on the screen: Fredericia, Danmark History at WU (vejret-balslev.dk)

Anyone who can help me with what’s wrong?

Hello and have a nice weekend.

Quick question how can I permanently set wuhistory to metric?

Thank you very much.


I have now installed the old version of " PWS wuhistory.php|01|2021-05-16| ", with this the automatic metric detection works.
My current PHP version is : 8.2.7

When it rains, why is metric in cm and not in mm ???

Happy weekend

Historically, WU .csv reports always used cm. . . If you ever use …/_wu_upd.php to correct PWS_dashboard historical rain from WU, make sure that you do, too!