WU Graphs 1.8.0

I keep my promises. :slight_smile:

WU graphs 1.8.0

Powered by Highcharts and jQuery UI


  • Data source: Wunderground or MySQL Weather Display database
  • Graph switching with jQuery tabs and Ajax support
  • Year, Month , Day, Hour graphs
  • Caching. Without caching, from Wunderground data source is load time 2.5 - 12s (or even more - depends on actual load of Wunderground.com server). The cached WU content is loaded x-times faster (load time is +/-0.5s on my site). Same thing for MySQL WD data source.
  • Theming support
  • Datepicker for easy date selection.
  • Time and Y-axis value in tooltips
  • Zoom graph
  • Cookies support (selected graph tab, selected day/month/year in graph)
  • Separate graph window with custom sizing (linkable size, language and date)
  • Saratoga/CarterLake support for language switch with translation files
  • Custom extra text information for each graph in html format.
  • English/Metric units support (otherwise depends on the location of the server and its cookies)
  • Auto version checker
  • And some minor functions and other settings
  • Nice look :slight_smile:

Separate window - click on the window icon in the charts or use THIS link.
Standalone mode - http://pocasi.hovnet.cz/wugraphs.php?lang=en
Configuration page - http://pocasi.hovnet.cz/wxwugraphs/configurator-d.php

[b]Download and more information at http://pocasi.hovnet.cz/wxwug.php?lang=en[/b]


Actual release info
v 1.8.0 (2011/09/05 11:30 UTC)
Transparent background choice for theme in configurator (from now default value); Added “Combined” datasource - useful if you started using WD MySQL and you want to have also available older data from Wunderground data source ; Added Portuguese and Serbian translation + updated Spanish translation ; Added preloader image when is graph loaded ; Removed blinking when graph is loaded ; Added support for datetime column in WD MySQL ; Fixed problem with WUG-ver.php and PHP servers configured with allow_url_fopen = off ; Fixed theme problem in Baro hour graphs ; Improved UV graphs look (changed to gradient area type); Fixed error in hour graphs (for clientrawhour source) if data is not numeric (‘-’ for missing measured values); Added language switch to Windowed mode ; Fixed saving problem in configurator for colorpicker ; Improved dependencies in configurator.php ; Small php optimization and bugfixies
–info about previous releases–

Very impressive and intuitive. Changing a tab takes about 3 secs here in NZ, but that may be more of an issue with local internet speed. Very functional - well done!

Great for any template site, probably fine on an html site too provided the server has appropriate coding support available as well. Hmm, may try that on mine, but my server in US has been down 24hrs now… :frowning:


I like it and gave it a try. Here is the result so far (something is missing):

This is the result of the test:

WU graphs - test script for station "Cave Country Weather"


* Current PHP version: 5.1.6
* WU Graphs location: "/virtual/users/e15586-16411/web/wxwugraphs/"
* Cache directory: "/virtual/users/e15586-16411/web/wxwugraphs/cache/"
* Cache directory is writable and caching is enabled
* Multilinguage support: disabled
* Default language: en
* Tested language: **)
* Used langugage: en - configured from default  *)
* Used language file: "./languages/WUG-language-en.php" found
* Used Datepicker language file: "./languages/datepicker/jquery.ui.datepicker-en.js" found
* Available languages: cs, en,
* Extra text: enabled
* Version checker: enabled
* Units: english

*) Normally is language set from COOKIE or from DEFAULT value configured in WUG-settings.php
COOKIE value is automatically taken only in WU Graphs tabbed mode from currently language set in Saratoga Carterlake templates.

**) For testing another language use URL parameter “lang”.
For example: German language test will have adress “Cave Country Weather
direct test link

I had the wrong settings for the $loadJQuery = true; and $incTabsStyle = true;
Everything looks great Now!! Great Script!! =D> =D> =D>


I had a few validation errors though, that are corrected. Maybe you have a better way :wink:
Line 95 Added
Line 96 Added
Had to change this

    <tr><td style="vertical-align:bottom;"><div id="WUG-foot">

</div><!-- end main-copy -->

to this



  </table> </div> 
<!-- end main-copy -->

Line 47 changed to


WOW - thank you very much for a great script.

I have tried it - but have some problems getting it to work in standalone version:


I have theese settings:

$standAlone = true; // true = use wugraphs.php (also you may need set $loadJQuery and $incTabsStyle to true)
$includeMode = false; // true = included by PHP include function (eg: include(‘wugraphs.php’); )

Best regards,


Well done Dave - good response and support!

I have just had an evening meal and a few wines, will try it out when I can, I’ll just have to make a new page… :wink:


Well I couldn’t sleep last night, and getting this going kept me up till 2:00am. Now it is 6:00am and time for work :sleepy1: One question: How can I get rid of the bad wind spike data from my last station? :?

You’d have to manually edit that spike data out on Wunderground.

Yes, but the month-max value unfortunately does not dissappear (in my case with temp-spikes) …

I implemented parts of these scripts on my site:



Thanks for sharing!

Hi Henrik and thanks.
You need set $loadJQuery and $incTabsStyle to true (in new version is in default). :oops:

Hi drobbins,
thank for betatesting. :slight_smile: I released new version (0.7.6b). Validation problem could cause a wrong path to wz_toolitp (fixed).

BTW (to all): It is a “bad idea” change the copyright and other links. :frowning: Especially reference to wunderground must be included. Rest is propriety.

Hi again

Thanks for your reply. I have now changed to true in $loadJQuery and $incTabsStyle - but still some kind of problem:


Best regards,


Sorry, my fault. #-o
You must change in file iframe-inc.php

$wugraphdir = '../wxwugraphs/'


$wugraphdir = './wxwugraphs/'

Will be fixed in new version (probably tomorrow).

Edit: I stuffed this fix into the current version (0.7.6b) … :slight_smile:

Hi drobbins,
i’ve installed your great script and passed the test here:http://www.meteocarmignano.it/wxwugraphs/WUG-test.php (I’ll make an italian language file soon!)

But this link not found…why? http://www.meteocarmignano.it/wxwugraphs.php

Thanks in advance for any help,


See the post above your’s ?

Hi Alessandro,
try download new version (strongly recomended) or modify your files as described at:

Looks Great, My Fly-out Menu just keeps getting bigger!!! :smiley:

Hi again

That did the trick - now its working here:


I have now tried including into my excisting page - the wug folder are located in a subfolder (www.silkeborg-vejret.dk/scripts/wug/)

I have changed all paths in wugraphs.php and WUG-settings.php to full paths - but its not working:


Have this in WUG-settings.php:

$standAlone = false;  // true = use wugraphs.php (also you may need set $loadJQuery and $incTabsStyle to true)
$includeMode = true; // true = included by PHP include function (eg: include('wugraphs.php'); ) 

Do you know if its possible to have the wug folder in a sub-folder? If yes - do you know which paths in which files needs to be modified?

Thanks for a great script.

Best regards,



Thank you very much for a great script.


Great job RAD-X :smiley:

Hi again Henrik,

  • [li] Some PHP functions do not work with website paths like “http://yourwebsite.com/dir/subdir/a.php”.
    Full paths like “/home/web/public/WWW/dir/subdir/a.php” are no problem.[/li]
  • You may use iframe method. Just put to your page wugrafer.php
    [li] Why not upload the scripts to the root directory?
    In my manual is written:
    “Copy directory” wxwugraphs “and file” wxwugraphs.php “the root of your website”
    There are reasons why. :)[/li]

This is a difficult task and I am not able to resolve it now. :frowning: