WS36xx and WS23xx COM port protocol


I need to know the pinout and protocol for the WS23xx and the WS36xx.
The reason for this is that we need to send the data from the different sensors, via a radio-device to a unit located in a different place.
Could anybody help me with the properties of the 4 pins, and how hte data is presented?

If I recall correctly the 36xx uses a strange protocol. It’s some kind of time multiplexed data transfer using some of the control lines rather than normal TXD/RXD data lines. It proved difficult to crack this transfer, but it’s been done in software. I don’t know whether you’d be able to do this with hardware though. For example, it doesn’t seem to work across all Serial->USB converters.

there is a very old thread with a picture of the 2500 connector, which needs a resistor and all sorts (not only not standard data, not standard pin out either)