WS2085 compatability

I wonder if anyone has tried this station, its advertised as a Aercus Instruments WS2085, I’ve not had a station in a while due to ongoing difficulties. So am keen to find something suitable to restart and rekindle my love of the weather

I can’t say for sure, but Green Frog Scientific who sell it in the UK say “This device is not recommended for 24/7 connection to a computer for live weather reading.” They don’t say why though.

Ecowitt stations, e.g. Ecowitt GW1101 Weather Station with 7-in-1 Sensor & WiFi Gateway are reasonably good and similarly priced to the Aercus.

I should have a GW1101 and lightning detector arriving today, I will just have to make sure I turn the lightning detector off when operating on HF, or it will start screaming that lightning has been detected

Are you using a spark gap transmitter for HF :rofl:

I hope the GW1101 works well for you. I have an Ecowitt station mounted on a property owned by my brother high on the Peak District moors and that seems to be working well.

Aye, it is in the radio room of the RMS Titanic, I am sure that the next operator will feel illuminated when they key up :wink: