World Earthquake script, not working, fix here

Just to let everybody know Ken’s world earthquake script not working it appears have moved the page to

Easy rectified just change line from

$fileName = “”;


$fileName = “”;

and everything works again.

Thanks Ken for the great script,


Edit - Should of mentioned
delete the cached file, mines called quakesWORLD.txt dont think I changed it, here’s the line.

$cacheName = “quakesWORLD.txt”; // used to store the file so we don’t have to fetch it each time

Keeps cached image until value set in $refetchSeconds = xxxx expires.

Thanks you so much Phil!
I’ve just changed it.
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There could be a problem with the script, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a record in my page. Looking at the list I see on yesterday but it won’t show up on the site. I’ve changed the links in the script but nothing.

Peter, what version of the script are you using, I’ve got Version 1.11 - 03-Jul-2009
Replacing the url works here

Ckeck the file that is cache, called quakesWORLD.txt, dont think I changed it
$cacheName = “quakesWORLD.txt”; // used to store the file so we don’t have to

See if you have the page of recent earthquakes cached, also delete it as well, the script will fetch a new one it as it keeps it till the value you have set for $refetchSeconds expires.

Hope this helps


I've got Version 1.11
Where did you get it? 1.09 is what is available on the download site. [](

I am also using 1.09 and I tried the new address, but still not working.

I use version V1.10 - 12-Jan-2008 and it is working again when i did change the URL.

Thanks Phil, I’ve already done all I could but still no luck. No problem though as it’s something that most people don’t like to see.

Peter, did you delete cache file, see my last post

Also shows the latest as 1.11

who need to update to 1.11 as Version 1.10 - 12-Jan-2009 - fixes for changes to USGS website, you may still need to change the URL as Ken might not of updated the script yet to use the new URL.

That hopefully will get you up and running

It looks like Ken is faster than we are, he already has a new version out 1.12 that fixes this problem, running ok now with the new version.
Thanks Ken and Phil for pointing this out.

Thanks Phil for finding the glitch… there’s also a update to the quake-USA.php in addition to the quake-WORLD.php script.

Looks like the USGS is changing their /eqcenter/ directory to be /earthquakes/, but the generated pages from their site still have links to /eqcenter/ which thoughtfully does a 301 redirect to /earthquakes/. I guess they’re only half-way through the code changes, but the current versions should be able to handle the final changes to the site ok.

quake-USA.php now at Version 1.10 - 04-Nov-2009
quake-WORLD.php now at Version 1.12 - 04-Nov-2009

WD/AJAX/PHP template sets (USA, World, World-ML) updated with the respective script changes too.

If you like, follow the Twitter feed on script updates ( ) or my RSS feed at for the latest version info on the scripts/templates :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up and the change info.

Did it this morning over my newish vpn - and it worked!!!