WMR200 UV setup

Hi Folks

I think im struggling a tad here

From what i have read on here the setup should be in the Solar Setup screen
but all im seeing in there is with regards to the Solar in a jar setup, am i missing
something, please?

I found a link to this faq but i dont see that screen any where so i assume its an old version?


Go to control panel > One of the icons on the left has piccie of Sun on clear sky labelled solar.
That screen is in there.

I have never tried to use it

Hi John,

Yeah thats where i set up the Solar in a jar for the 928 but i dont see anything for the wmr 200 UV setup
in there?

Does anyone know how to set up the UV please, there is nothing that i can see in the
solar sensor setup screen, is this because it was previously used for a Solar in a Jar setup?

Can we just clarify what you are trying to achieve?

Are you just trying to get UV to show somewhere as UV, or are you trying to get an estimated solar value based on UV as well?

Hi David

Its working now, I was trying to get the UV and Solar both working, Solar from estimated
but sadly its about as much use as a banana in a synagogue, I prefer nice smooth lines on
the graphs opposed to what the UV/solar produces on the 200, see image

Looks like i am going to have to make a solar in a jar and a modified UV sensor much
the same as for the 928 (well Mick will but he dont know it yet ;)) I just hope the settings
for the 928 in WD will work for the 200 sensors also…?