wmr200(about rain+wind chill)

Why I have no values for rain and wind chill?
The first day I installed wmr200 I had some mm rain and some times(all of these days was raining) showed wind chill but after nothing(have past 4 days)]

Has it been warmer? Wind Chill should only be calculated below 50F/10C.

Oops sorry, didnt know about that:
(from weather.gov)

But what about rain, why no indications?

If it works like the WMR100 you probably need to scroll back in time to see the rainfall amount(s). In your screen grab it appears you are looking at 0 hour.

The — in the rain section of your screenshot shows that there is a communication problem between your rain sensor and the console.

Try moving the console nearer the rain gauge to see if that makes a difference. My console is right up on a high shelf to get a good signal from my rain sensor!

So you think I have to pull out the batteries and reset ? (if yes, tomorrow)

I’d try:

Move the console closer (when testing this for my installation, I just unplugged it from the mains and carried it about around the house). For me the rain gauge was the toughest to please - probably because it is closest to the ground. In order to get a good signal for the rain gauge from my office I have to have the console on a high shelf.

If that doesn’t get you a signal, try doing a reset on the rain gauge (which is a pain because of all those screws on the battery case) then get the console to re-scan for sensors. Perhaps do this while you are as close to the rain gauge as is practical?

If that doesn’t work try a reset on the console too.

Well, I moved the rain gauge a little closer(now its 14meters above the console) to the console and searched for the sensors, it did found all sensors(and rain, showed 5.5mm) but after 10min I had the same problem, the rain icon flashes(searching sensor) and stopped without find anything(I see the same image I posted)…
Tomorrow I`ll test it closer(on the ground).

Moved it(picture) and now its 12meters from the console(only one window interfere), also reset rain gauge but problem STILL exists,I don’t know what else to do…

It will most likely be the direct line between console and gauge that counts - and depending on where the console is located in the room and the construction of the building that might involved walls, floors and maybe even reinforcing bars?

It may also be possible that the vertical range of the transmitter is less than the horizontal range?

Are there any experts here on the propogation characteristics of signals in the 433MHz range?

Do you have such problems like mine?
Now it rains all day, and I have readings of 9.5mm, one hour before is 0.0 , 2hours 3.2mm …some times I see only _ _ _ some times flashes etc.

I had a problem with intermittent reception from the rain gauge, until I found a good position.

My console is approx. 30m horizontal and 5m vertical from the rain gauge (console is above gauge). Between the console and the gauge are 3 partition walls (i.e. 2 layers of plaster board each), and a cavity wall (2 layers of blockwork).

I think that the critical advantage for me in having the console on a high shelf was that it meant that the direct line didn’t pass through the (chipboard) floor as well. The lay of the land is such that even with a lower position the direct line would not have gone through ‘earth’.

If you sometimes get a signal, then either you are probably very close to a workable position - or maybe there is some intermittent electrical interference?

Is your rain gauge on the ground? Mine is around 1m above ground level on top of a fence post. If you are already gettng a signal some of the time maybe a difference as little as that would be enough?

Do you mean interference from PC, if yes, pc is in the middle of console and rain gauge(photo).

Rain gauge is on the ground as you saw above post.
Maybe I have to check other positions for rain gauge…

I thought it looked to be on the ground, but was not sure.

Since you are getting a signal some of the time you may well be very close. The difference between reliable and intermittent here was as little as raising the console by about 0.5m!

Is that a window behind the computer? Is it the window the picture of the rain gauge was taken from? If so, maybe that would be a better position? Whatever, I think some experiments with the position of either or both units are required…

Yes its a window.

Now after 3 hours I do have readings(continuously) from the rain gauge, you know why? because its 1meter(into the room) from the console!!! Thats why…

So, I think that the rain gauge transmitter is not so powerful, is there any diy antenna for rain gauge?
Or do I move it to the balcony(which is 4meters from the console) with a diy pole thing?


You were getting an intermittent signal from the position in the garden, so it might be worth a few more experiments down there.

Bear in mind that you are probably trying to get the best combination of distance and lack of obstacles in the ‘line of sight’ - so in some circumstances moving the gauge slightly further away might give a better result if it avoids obstacles in the direct line.

Maybe try moving it away from the building, or raising it a bit - or even putting it on that roof (carport?) to the left of the earlier garden position?

Yes its a sort of garage but as you see it isn’t level, I`ll try some other positions.

Well, I found a position(console same hight) not so beautiful(back balcony) but FUNCTIONAL…
Anybody how to reset rain gauge readings?

Very, err, practical. :wink:

Not sure what you are asking for?
Do you want to adjust the rainfall figures in WD?
If so, is View => Rain Chart what you are looking for? In there you can edit the last 7 day’s (starting ‘yesterday’) figures.

PS. Did you realise that you can attach images to forum messages - the ‘attach’ option becomes visible if you click the Additional Options link just below the editing window. In some cases that is more appropriate than embedding an image.

I want to reset to zero all the readings from WD and console(because after installing gauge I had 70mm rain-tilt gauge-)