WM-968 Temp Gauge Replacement ??

Can anyone tell me if they have purchased a replacement rain gauge for the WM-968/RS Wireless WX Station. I had a nest of ants build up inside of mine next to the circuit board. I had coated the entire board with UV clear several times when I first installed it on 12/31/02 and that seemed to have helped but after a long time of nesting it appears that the bodies shorted something out.

I cleaned it out and re-soldered all the connections to the Transmitter Lead (that is where they nested) but still no readings.

I just called OS but they do not appear to have part numbers for the temp/humidity sensor and said I have to call back during the week. They do not sell them retail and replacements are had from returns through customer service. That does not make me feel good when it comes to long time service/repairs!!

Does anyone know if the Peet Brothers unit would be interchangeable ? I don’t know if there are differences in the output or in the wiring…

Rich K4GPS